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Sydney Clinical Hypnotherapy

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“Through hypnosis I can help you change your thought patterns, break habits and overcome the obstacles restricting you from reaching your full potential.”

Michelle Levin - Hypnotherapy

Lifestyle Changes

Hypnotherapy is a natural, non-invasive, safe and highly effective method to bring about positive and lasting life changes. With hypnotic techniques, you have the ability to transform old patterns of behaviour and patterns, remove negative beliefs and heal past wounds and a whole lot more.

Hypnotherapy can be utilised to initiate changes and promote growth in the following areas of life:

  • Increase self-esteem

  • Effective pain control

  • Eliminating insomnia

  • Increase focused concentration

  • Eliminating habits

  • Reduce stress and enhance life

  • Increase confidence

  • Increase motivation

  • Increase relaxation

  • Improve memory

  • Reduce the effects of anxiety and depression

Pain Management

Through the use of hypnosis, Michelle can guide pain sufferers into accessing their subconscious minds where possible to restrain and control the sensations that occur in the body. Most patients recognise results such as an improved sense of wellbeing, an enhanced sense of control, increased satisfaction and improvement in sleep all in a very short space of time.


Smoking gets more expensive every year and is certainly no good for your health. Are you ready to give it up?

Sleep Disorders

Overcoming a lack of sleep with hypnotherapy is a highly effective method of recharging your mind and body. Imagine how much more energy you would have if you were well rested. Imagine not feeling tired and lethargic throughout your day. Hypnotherapy can do all this for you.


Habitual patterns can be broken relatively easily as they are commonly passive or unconscious actions; when we are able to get a conscious hold on them, we are able to stop them. Addictions, however, are conscious and impulsive responses that can be very difficult to control. Through Hypnotherapy, addicts are able to recognise and work through the underlying causes of their problem (s).

Anxiety & Depression

Hypnotherapy is a proven effective method for the treatment of these issues by inducing a relaxing and calming state of mind, which allows the body to counteract the effects of increased levels of adrenalin in the system. Also through the exploration of the underlying causes of the issue, depression and anxiety can be reduced and the connected behaviours and thought patterns overcome.

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About Sydney Clinical Hypnotherapy

As a long term sufferer of debilitating and chronic pain, Michelle Levin’s research into effective pain management led to trying to a range of holistic approaches, with a varying degree of success, until she discovered the comprehensive and undeniable benefits of hypnotherapy.

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