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Rebecca Jones

Reedy Creek QLD 4227

Servicing area: Reedy Creek, Brisbane & online

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From alcohol dependence, harassment, physical pain, past abuse, and whatever it is that you're going through, we can help you.

Client Testimonials

Testimonies From Our Dear Clients

Unresolved Grief Friendship

I had an amazing therapy session with Rebecca. Her gentle and extremely intuitive way of working helped me to see and understand why I had my issues. Rebecca has a real gift to help you to understand what really caused your issues even if it means visiting very painful moments from your past. The most amazing wonder and relief happened to me during and after the session. After so many years of carrying pain and sadness about my massive loss, and seeing counsellors for help, Rebecca was the one who helped me shift. I finally can look at happy childhood memories and look at them without the dark shadow of feeling the loss but actually smiling and being happy about the time I had. For so many years, all my memories were only stained with the dark sadness but due to Rebecca and RTT I finally can breath again when thinking back! This is the most amazing gift I could have, and for not one moment did I even dare to wish for this to happen, as all counsellors/therapist beforehand were nice, but could not help me in that way.I highly recommend Rebecca as a therapist! 5 Stars out of 5!
- Verena, Austria

Childhood Neglect - Withdrawn

After 2 sessions of RTT with Rebeca, I felt a noticeable change in my thoughts, feelings and actions. I made some changes to my habits and behaviour which I had been struggling to do for years. I found the recording really easy to listen to as Rebecca's voice is very calming. I would recommend a session with Rebecca any day.
- Paul, Melbourne

Feeling Emotions

I was struggling with understanding my feelings when I was referred to Rebecca. I had an RTT session with her and she helped me gain understanding and clarity as to what was happening to me. I felt safe and comfortable with Rebecca. She helped guide me gently through the RTT process.  It was a wonderful experience working with her. She made a personalised audio to listen to for 21-days. While listening to this recording, I felt lighter and my anxiety started decreasing. I noticed I was more comfortable with my feelings, not feeling controlled be them anymore. I am able to embrace and accept my feelings and this helps me continue living my life more balanced. Rebecca is a wonderful, empathetic and compassionate therapist. I highly recommend her and RTT. Thank you Rebecca.
- Michelle, Switzerland 

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