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Rebecca Jones

Reedy Creek QLD 4227

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More Alive Therapies

Leave all your fears behind, take control of your actions, and live light and free with Faster EFT

Faster Emotional Freedom Techniques or Tapping

What is Faster Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or Tapping? 

This is more sophisticated than the conventional EFT tapping method, which most people know about. Every person internally, in a unique way represents his/her problems. By breaking it down and eliciting the personal technique of the client, we can use a mixture of natural language processing (NLP), hypnotic language and tapping to bring about real and lasting profound changes. The acupressure points used are the points that are part of fight, flight or freezing. It is perfect to cope with painful past memories. You can wonder how easily you can travel and lose sight of something that has long bothered you. You would also be shocked and delighted how free you feel after coping with the most difficult lives. 

Faster EFT is good for you in order to address physical pain, upsetting and painful recollections, phobias and specific food cravings. This is an excellent opportunity to free up the memory of spoken words, sounds, tastes, emotions, and information that keep the pain of an encounter active today. 

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