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Mudita Institute Health Clinic

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Mudita Institute Health Clinic

Western science is now catching up with what Eastern sciences have known for thousands of years – that the practice of Mindfulness facilitates a deep transformation in the way we see ourselves, our lives, our relationships and our work! 

Mudita Institute Health Clinic - Mindfulness


Mindfulness is a lot more than another set of ideas about the mind. Really, it is the practice of using strong presence of mind, awareness, or attention to the thoughts that fill your mind. It is exercising the cognitive ability that we all have to stay concentrated in the current moment in such a way that brings about a “fuss-free” creative and honest self-awareness. This type of attentional skill helps to develop our productivity, inner resilience, and intelligence, along with our health, compassion, and inner happiness. Mindfulness has the ability to help us remain completely in the moment and respond effectively with good choices and calmness.

Everyone has the innate ability for more mindful living, however, we need to support it by what we choose to think, eat, and do. We need to develop an inner environment that is not constantly reacting physically and mentally, and always seeking minute-to-minute antidotes, to poor choices of behaviour and food. Body and mind need to work with, not against, one another. Living this way provides us with the skills to re-develop positivity in our choices and in ourselves.

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