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Treatment through Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine for Depression, Insomnia, Headaches, Stress & Anxiety and Pain Management

Natural Health Paradise - Emotional Well-Being

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Clinics in Nedland and Rivervale, Western Australia

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Dr Yi uses the thinnest acupuncture needles which, combined with her special acupuncture technique, gives the most gentle treatment possible. Many initially nervous patients dont realise when these needles have been used are very happy about the pain-free and relaxing treatment.

Quick summary:

  • Over 90% of clients come in feeling the burden of extreme stress or anxiety, and by the end of the first treatment already feel significantly better, many even fall asleep during the relaxing treatment

  • Many people suffering from anxiety find much improvement after one to two weeks of acupuncture treatments and finds significant lasting effect after 5 to 10 treatments, depending on the individual and the severity of their condition

  • Dr Yi designs herbs based on several factors; the severity of condition, lifestyle, age, past medical history and personal preferences. Although two patients may suffer from the same condition e.g. anxiety, no two patients treatment processes are the same, as every individual suffers from different imbalances.

Physical health and mental health are inextricably linked. Emotional stress leaves a toll on our bodys organs, resulting in imbalances which cause physical and emotional symptoms. A core principle of Chinese medicine is the idea that the body and mind are inseparable, and therefore treatment aims to balance the whole system. This principle can be seen on an everyday level as what our diet and exercise routines affect our emotional (moods) and physical well-being.

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine are methods of encouraging the body to promote its own natural healing and improve functioning. They are a natural solution to calm our bodies and relax the nervous system. Whether you are suffering from depression, anxiety, stress or insomnia, Chinese medicine can help not only relieve symptoms but permanently resolve your condition.


Dr Yi has a unique traditional Chinese formula, made completely of natural Chinese herbs to treat depression. Most patients feel a noticeable change to their mood and attitude after a course of only 2 weeks.

Dr Yi alters this formula for each patient to ensure treatment is unique to each individuals own imbalances and lifestyles as well as several other factors including age, medical history and personal preferences.

Whether you are clinically depressed, dealing with overwhelming life changes, or simply have a mild case of feeling blue, Chinese medicine takes a holistic approach to help your body return to a peaceful and balanced state. One suffering from depression may feel tired, sad, irritable, lazy, unmotivated, uninterested or a loss of appetite. Chinese Medicine aims to treat the specific symptoms unique to each individual, most effective through a combination of both acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Rather than damaging drugs with several side effects which only alleviate these symptoms for a limited few hours, a unique selection of acupuncture points and natural herbs provide a long term solution to depression, as the root cause of these symptoms are treated. When patients with depression receive acupuncture, they generally experience improvement in the reduction of anxiety, insomnia, as well as more energy, and over all well-being.


Dr Yi has a unique traditional Chinese formula, made completely of natural Chinese herbs to combat insomnia and allow peaceful sleep at night. Many patients who, for the first time, take the capsules at night find an immediate improvement in their sleep quality straight away. The formula has also been derived to ensure patients dont feel tired when waking the next day like many Western sleeping pills, as well as avoiding the harmful unnatural processes which occur in the body due to the chemicals present in Western pharmaceuticals.

Poor sleep negatively affects all aspects of our lives, therefore restoring healthy sleep patterns is fundamental to our overall wellbeing. Sleep difficulties arise from many causes; Chinese medicine requires identifying the underlying imbalance leading to the symptom of insomnia. By addressing the root of the problem, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can help restore and deepen natural sleep patterns in the long term. Studies show that acupuncture not only improves sleep through the release of opioids (the bodys natural pain-killers) in the brain to promote better sleep, but at the same time also reduces the fatigue that results from poor sleep.

If untreated, insomnia can lead to more serious health problems such as fatigue which may then lead to physical and emotional weakness, negatively impacting our daily lives. Therefore, insomnia can produce symptoms leading to an unhealthy state. Many will seek medications to improve the quality of their sleep. However, these drugs have the potential to be habit-forming, causing drug dependence and carrying several side effects. Chinese herbs and acupuncture therefore provide a holistic, natural and gentle approach in improving the quality of our sleep.


In Traditional Chinese Medicine there are many possible causes for headaches. When diagnosing the headache, Dr Yi considers several aspects of her patients including their health, sleep, age, emotional tendencies such as stress and lifestyle. Knowledge of these symptoms help Dr Yi to recognise the imbalances in the body causing the headaches. By treating the individual and their unique combination of symptoms instead of the diagnosis of the common headache, the patient will experience healing in many areas of their health, not only headaches. While many Western pharmaceuticals simply mask the symptoms, form unhealthy drug dependence and hope the body will heal itself over time, Chinese Medicine will help identify and eliminate the root issue causing pain, providing a natural and gentle long term solution.

Stress and Anxiety

Dr Yis patients often find a significantly noticeable improvement over the course of 3 days to 1 week, with many symptoms disappearing in 4 to 6 weeks

Stress is a state of being that over time can have a serious physical impact on our health. Continuous stress can cause physical pain, insomnia, high blood pressure and a number of other problems. The cycle of stress can be hard to break because as the body tries to adapt to all the demands being placed on it, our energy is depleted. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine provide a gentle and holistic approach to reduce stress and restore the body back to its natural equilibrium.

In Chinese medicine, stress and anxiety interrupt the smooth flow of energy throughout the body. According to Chinese medicine, energy flows through our body through a network of channels, almost like a highway system. Stress, anger, or any intense emotion acts like a traffic jam, blocking the free flow of energy in the body. For example, many people experiencing stress complain of upper back, shoulder and neck pain. This is due to stress causing high tension in those areas, blocking the free flow of energy, causing pain, tightness, and headaches. Through acupuncture, theses energy blockages can be addressed. Acupuncture points serve as the on and off ramps to the energy highway, and can help energy flow smoothly, alleviating not only the symptoms of stress and anxiety, but the stress and anxiety itself.

From a Western viewpoint, acupuncture successfully alleviates stress by releasing natural pain-killing chemicals in the brain, called endorphins. In addition, acupuncture improves circulation of blood throughout the body, which oxygenates the tissues and cycles out cortisol and other waste chemicals. The calming nature of acupuncture also decreases heart rate, lowers blood pressure and relaxes the muscles.

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