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Naturoway - Naturopathy & Fitness

Julie Curran

47 Helene St
Ardeer VIC 3022

Servicing area: Ardeer, Footscray & Melbourne, Victoria

Naturoway - Naturopathy & Fitness

Tests may be prescribed to find the underlying cause of your symptoms. Pathology labs are used for accurate results. Tests can be performed at home.

Naturoway - Naturopathy & Fitness - Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic Testing provides includes:

    • Neurotransmitter Profile

    • Complete Digestive Stool Analysis

    • Hormone Profile

    • Liver Function Profile

    • Stress & Sleep Profile

    • Mineral & Heavy Metal Analysis

    • Food & Chemical Allergy/Intolerance Testing

    • Thyroid Profile

    • Chemical or Inhalant Sensitivity

    • Blood Pressure

    • Naturopathic Diagnostic Technique

    • Urine Testing

    • Good & Bad Fat Profile

    • Secretory IgA Testing

    • Gene Testing

    • Iris Analysis


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