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One Body One Soul

Reiki & Energy Healing


Reiki is a truly beautiful treatment that is deeply relaxing and in turn can provide the opportunity for healing physical, emotional and spiritual disharmony. Through Reiki or “laying on of hands” a Reiki practitioner can assist in identifying the underlying emotion or stress so that it can be released to create a free flow of energy through the body leading to a greater level of peace, harmony and relaxation.  For some the healing may be subtle and for others it maybe more obvious, however it occurs for you is right for you at that time.  Regardless of how the healing occurs, transaformation will begin to occur as your connection to your true self starts to grow. 

Reiki is ideal for those who experience emotional stress and anxiety, are undergoing great change, have chronic pain or those who simply wish to bring change to their lives.


A beautiful healing art, Reiki has been an ever-growing passion of Pauline’s since completing Reiki I over 12 years ago. It is this passion which she wishes to share with you in her Reiki courses so that you too can welcome and embrace the limitless ways in which Reiki can touch your life.

Learning Reiki is often transformational for those who attend as it may bring new insights, understanding and a renewed sense of harmony to your life. Ongoing support is available to participants through our Reiki Share evenings. These evenings are held once a month and give all those who practice Reiki the opportunity to give and receive a treatment whilst sharing experiences.


"I am deeply grateful to have been introduced to the transformational healing that is Reiki by Pauline Burr. Around 6 years ago Pauline sensed I was seeking a deeper healing than what I had been pursuing so far, and with sensitivity, respect and professionalism guided me to Reiki.

Pauline has led me through my Reiki journey from first treatment with patience, understanding, open mindedness and healing love, always demonstrating the true essence of Reiki.

Her ability to connect with and share Reiki has been profound since my first experience, so much so that from a skeptical beginning, I have since undertaken training myself to Reiki Master level due to the ways in which the Reiki Pauline has shared with me, has changed and enhanced my life. Without the guidance of Pauline I would never have dreamed of doing what I have done.

Pauline is deeply knowledgeable and experienced in her understanding of Reiki yet continuously strives to discover more and share this learning with others in the true spirit of Master Usui.

I could not have wished for a better practitioner or mentor than Pauline. "   Marisa Young


Pellowah is a high vibrational healing technique used to extend consciousness and to bring awareness for the client. This awareness is often significant and may occur during the session or in the days following.

Clients often seek a Pellowah treatment when they are looking for assistance in:

  • recognising deep emotional issues
  • calming busy minds
  • finding clarity
  • determining the path ahead
  • increasing positivity
  • re-connecting with selves and others.

Pellowah works on the mind body connection and as such does not involve touch. It is also recognised as a great compliment to other healing modalities, in particular reiki as they work in tandem to assist you to truly connect with yourself and your heart space.


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