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One Body One Soul

Experience the power of healing the body & soul together

Healing Fusion

Healing Fusion offers a holistic approach to treating physical discomfort.  It recognises that we store emotions in our body that can lead to muscular aches and pains.  For example lower back pain often occurs for people in times of transistion where lonliness, fear, lack of support and/or finances are present.  In these times working on both a physical and energetic level can lead to a deeper level of healing.   

This powerful treatment brings together remedial massage, reiki and energy healing, crystal healing, flower essences and more to promote healing on both a physical and energetic level. 

The blend of modalities utilised in the treatment is determined in consultation with the client at the beginning of each session which may also involve a small oracle reading to identify areas of concern.


"I often say to Pauline after having a session with her, that she is magic, because she truly is, in every sense of the word.  I often come to visit Pauline when I am worn out, both physically and energetically.  The combination of essential oils, massage, crystals and reiki attends to all the parts of you that need support and care.  Each aspect it's own little gift.  Pauline is incredibly kind and thoughtful in her sessions, taking time to check in wtih you so that she can tailor her treatment, to bring together the greatest essence of each modality into a beautful little gift that is exactly matched to you and your needs.  I travel quite a bit and work long hours, and know I can rely on these sessions to help bring my body back into wholeness."  Seanna

"I had the pleasure to having a "healing fusion" treatment with Pauline which left me feeling incredilby light and at peace.  The physical tension in my body was relieved and I experienced a very blissful feeling which has carried me through a time of higher stress than usual.  I have felt a deeper personal shift towards a more positive state of being which I can only attribute to this experience ...... for which I am most grateful."  Natasha 


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