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Stacey Guyett

Mindset Coaching & NLP Trainings

Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Member since 2022

Do you suffer from stress, anxiety or burnout? Using the most powerful weapon that each human being was born with, the mind, is critical to becoming the best version of yourself. Speak with Stacey today to determine which coaching or training program will best help you achieve your goals.

Telehealth Executive Coaching Career coaching Mindset coaching Professional coaching Online coaching Business coaching Corporate teams coaching Confidence coaching Corporate workshop

Benjamin Deutscher

Malvern Natural Health Care - Naturopathy

Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Member since 2004

Naturopathy is a holistic system of healing that brings together natural therapies including herbal medicine, nutrition, diet, homeopathy, counselling and more.

Facial Sciatica relief Sinus Body composition Well-being Fatigue Cravings Relaxation Heavy metals Movement

Dr. Ari Diskin

About DISKIN LIFE Melbourne

Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Member since 2005

FREE 1st Consultation | 36 Years Experience | Whole-Person Assessments | Gentle Effective Care for Pain Stress Posture Energy

Vitality Skin care Lifestyle Business Mentoring Wellness Well-being Coordination Purpose Self-help


AyurClinic - Yoga

Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Member since 2005

AyurClinic offers a range of Yoga classes and styles. If you're looking for a gentle, dynamic form of exercise that embraces body mind and spirit, call or visit our website to learn more Mention Natural Therapy Pages for 10% Off your first appointment  

Psoriasis Vitality Natural medicine Arthritis Anxiety Kidney stones Memory Love Hypertension Vaginal infections

Stable Health Clinic

Stable Health Clinic

Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Member since 2005

Practitioner Room for rent - EXCLUSIVE - Receive 2 Months Free on a 12 Month Contract! Suitable for Allied Health Practitioners. Facilities:- HICAPS, EFTPOS/credit card facility, a reception area- Kitchen including fridge and microwave, staff room, brochure holders on external wall, so passers-by can always access information,  - Internet facilities including complimentary Wi-Fi- Wide range of modalities for cross-referrals,- Your profile on

Full body massage Complementary Migraine Tension Relaxation Aches & pains Pregnancy support Back pain Telehealth Stiffness

Dr. William Federico

Holistic Mastery

Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Member since 2007

My natural therapies journey began in 1989.

Emotions Burns Virtual gastric band Joy Well-being Gastric banding Health issues Nervous system Martial arts training Business

Judy Browne

Feeling Exhausted & Wanting Change Fast?

Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Member since 2017

We welcome you to Mind Soul Wellness a place of Sacred Love and Simplicity. Keeping our services simple and easy to navigate. Alignment Single Sessions and double packages are available in person or on Zoom with a Replay All sessions on Sale but mention Natural Therapies for a discount. We look forward to your enquire    

Fears Addiction Stress Overwhelm Stuck Self-empowerment Trauma Inner child Emotions Self-love

The Silva Method Australia

The Silva Method Australia - Intuition System

Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Member since 2017

Total intuitive living is the goal for every Silva student.

Bad habits Coaching Leadership Joy Fear of failure Transformation Indecision Relaxation Stress management Anxiety

Meagan Goodes

Stress and Fear Release Specialist

Melbourne, 3000

Member since 2019

Guiding women to release emotional and energetic blocks creating awareness and empowerment.

Phobias Fears Energy Adults Emotional wellbeing Physical pain Anger Pain management Negative emotions Telehealth

Ann Moir-Bussy

Counselling & Psychotherapy

Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Member since 2019

Learn how to let go of negative thoughts and feelings anchored to your past experiences.

Telehealth Vision Spiritual growth Dreamwork Grief Ageing Coaching Leadership Joy Clinical hypnotherapy

Aligned For Life Pilates

Aligned For Life Pilates - Pilates

370 Little Bourke ST, Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Member since 2019

Explore our Pilates sessions for every body... Take charge of your physical health and mental wellbeing!

Risk assessments Fitness Mental health Posture Well-being Movement Love Assessments Wellness Seniors

Mariangela Parodi

Mindfulness & Relaxation

Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Member since 2005

Unlock your mind’s full potential to create the life you want to live.

Emotions Leadership Negative emotions Intolerance Face to face appointments Mental health Wellness Intuitive healing Optimal health Immunity

Lynette Gardiner Inuitive Counsellor & Spiritual Medium

Lynette Gardiner Intuitive Counselling, Spiritual & Self Development & Medium/Intuitive Readings

Melbourne, 3000

Member since 2014

Lynette GardinerHeart Wisdom Intuitive Counselling Personal/Career CoachingMedium/Intuitive Guidance Sessions Intuition is the language of our soul. We are all born with a profound sense of inner knowing. It’s one of the greatest gifts we possess; it keeps us connected to our Higher Self, the Universe, and Divine Spirit.John HollandSo why do we ignore it?

Fears Self-development Emotional trauma Self-love Intuitive counselling Limiting beliefs Mediumship Psychic medium Well-being Couples therapy

Sandy Mantha

Soul Cultivator's Academy - About

Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Member since 2020

I'm here to keep you to your full potential and to look back on the ways you don't do it.

Coaching Energy Boundaries Transformation

Sarah Prodan

Psychic Medium & Clairvoyant

Melbourne, 3000

Member since 2019

A Gifted and Genuine Psychic Medium: With over 25 years of experience providing insightful and accurate psychic and mediumship readings to clients both within Australia and overseas, learn more about how I can help you

Telehealth Purpose House energy clearing Mediumship Psychic development Energy Joy Reading Tarot reading Psychic medium

Soul Pacha Mama

Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Member since 2012

Happy 2016!!! Happy Year of the MONKEY!!! It’s Lessly your Holistic Practitioner here! I invite you to invest in time JUST FOR YOU to set you up for YOUR BEST YEAR!!! It’s the year to clear out the OLD, bring in the NEW, have some much needed FUN along the way and attend to the most important person in your life….YOU!!! CALL TODAY – 0413 780 005 ***Gift Vouchers also available***

Reading Mediumship Manifestation Wellness Essential oils Parenting Clairvoyant Aura Relaxation Stress management

Paul Rodriguez

Breathing Retraining Course and Consultations

Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Member since 2021

Learn how to wake up feeling refreshed and energized by enrolling in a Breathing Retraining Course or Consultations    

Snoring Headaches Asthma Sleep apnea Sleep disorders Self-care Fatigue Respiratory health Restless legs Exhaustion

Ash Cert.Med.Hol.Couns (IMTTA)

Online Meditation Classes and Workshops

Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Member since 2021

Offering services of Online Group Meditation & Private Meditation Classes and Group Workshops with a Qualified Meditation and Mindfulness Therapist.

Nurturing Telehealth Joy Well-being Depression Emotional wellbeing Physical health Resilience Wellness Anxiety

Dr Angela Wilson

1. Credibility

Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Member since 2012

 Dr specialized in helping aspiring individuals in high-demanding industry with holistic complex issues

Spiritual growth HIV Lifestyle Stress management Mindset Chinese herbal medicine Coaching Transpersonal art therapy Family health Fears

Cassandra Allen

Women Assist Counselling

Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Member since 2018

Women Assist is a professional counselling and psychotherapy service that supports women’s mental health and wellbeing! We are based in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, BUT our service is accessible to women living anywhere in Australia via telehealth.

Depression Trauma Couples therapy Complex post-traumatic stress disorder (CPTSD) Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) Anxiety Grief counselling Divorce / Separation Victims of crime Domestic violence

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