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WARM WATER HEALING with Rebecca Czapnik

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WARM WATER HEALING with Rebecca Czapnik

WARM WATER HEALING with Rebecca Czapnik

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About Warm Water Healing
Warm Water Healing can be known by numerous names. You may have heard it called Aquatic Bodywork, Watsu, Waterdance, Water Massage, Jahara Technique, Healing Dance or something else.
Created in the early 1980’s in California and Europe, it offers profound healing across mind, body and spirit.


Warm Water Healing offers many benefits including relief to pain, tension and physical injury and reduction in stress and anxiety.

Warm Water Healing calms the nervous system allowing receivers to enter a state of deep peace and relaxation.

It moves and stretches the body in ways unavailable on land. Relieved of the body’s weight the muscles, joints and spine soften and release.

Almost anyone can benefit from a Warm Water Healing session including:

    • Stressed Professionals
    • Sufferers of physical injury, Arthritis and Fibromyalgia
    • Pregnant Women
    • Mediators wanting a deeper state of mindfulness
    • Anxious Students and Parents
    • Float Tankers – this is another level of relaxation and healing

Rebecca is trained in numerous Warm Water Healing practices including Watsu®,
WaterDance™, Fluid Presence® and Aquatic Integration™.


The Warm Water Healing experience is multi-sensorial and its qualities somewhat indescribable.


A close description could be;

part massage,

part float tank,

part meditation,

part energy healing,

part dance.


The only way to truly know its benefits is to try it!


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Book a Session


Individual Session (90 minutes) – $210

Resting back into the arms of the practitioner you are floated, stretched, cradled, massaged and moved through warm water (34.5°C).

With the use of a nose clip you may also be submerged underwater (optional).


Package of Three Sessions (90 minutes each) – $567 (10% off)

Multiple sessions are suggested for those who want a deeper experience of Warm Water Healing and its healing potential.

Each session is unique and builds upon the one prior, with the body progressively softening and opening to receive more.


Gift Certificates

The perfect gift for a loved one or even for yourself. 


Warm Water Healing sessions are held at the hydrotherapy pool at Hawthorn Aquatic Centre at 1 Grace St Hawthorn Vic 3122. 

This spacious, therapeutic pool is heated to 34.5°C.

Day, evening and weekend times are available.

It’s suggested that you allow space for reflection and integration after the session.


About Rebecca

Rebecca is a passionate Warm Water Healing practitioner and has trained in various water modalities including Fluid Presence, WaterDance and Watsu.

Inspired by movement and presence and how they catalyse healing and transformation, Rebecca lived in California for many years immersed in the teachings of internationally recognised aquatic therapy, conscious movement and energy healing pioneers.

Reach out if you’re curious to know more.


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  • IICT - International Institute For Complementary Therapists

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