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Tomka Thoday

39 Hawthorn Rd
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Do you have gut issues, anxiety, stress, depression, a physical illness or emotional turmoil?


"Living with Harmony"

Reiki is a traditional Japanese treatment using universal life force energy to assist the body to enhance its natural healing ability and promote wellbeing. Reiki is a non-invasive 'hands on' modality. Along with my intuitive abilities and guidance, I assist you in the understanding of your energy and emotions than can affect your physical health. As a Reiki practitioner the perspective of illness, be it physical, emotional or mental is a result of an imbalance of your energy and the essence of who you really are. In healing there is no separation between body and mind, emotions and spirit - all need to be in balance to create health. Energy or your vibration is an invisible force that shapes your life experience and health.  Your personal energetic frequency surrounds your body as an energy field and is a collection of negative or positive experiences that stem from pre-conception, in-utero, birth to the person you are today. 

The idea that energy or vibration can affect a person’s health or reality is nothing new and throughout history, different cultures have benefited by tapping into and working with different forms of energy for healing.

Your personal energetic frequency not only affects your health but the ability to lead the life of your choosing from relationships, contentment and love of self, financial and manifestation of your dreams to following your souls destiny!

Shedding the layers that have held you back can create the greatest version of yourself. 

Through personal experience of turning to energy healing instead of western medicine, the missing piece of the puzzle fell into place at the right moment and timing to heal me and lead me on the journey of self-discovery.

This journey led me to study, research and explore natural health on a deeper level and begin to understand my own energy and the part it played in my life.  An awakening had occurred in me discovering the innate healing abilities I was born with that lay dormant until my own healing transpired.

I now understand the synergy of combining natural physical healing and energy healing (metaphysical) as a powerful combination to not only fight dis-ease but also heal the emotional part of our selves, which creates dis-ease in the first instance.  

I was instinctively led to Reiki as the power of using my hands as a healing modality became very obvious to me.

It is through this experience, knowledge and my intuitive abilities that I now want to share with you how we can heal ourselves naturally and release blockages, if we have the WILL to embark on the journey of wellbeing! 

Whether it be an illness, known or unknown, anxiety, depression, fatigue or emotional turmoil I would be honoured to guide you on the path to wellness.

Reiki and Wellness guidance along with my own unique medical & emotional intuitive healing are tools I use to clear energy and achieve a healthy mind and body living the life you desire! Tomka!

Heal stress and thought patterns that create illness in your body!


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