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Rolfing Works

The Trager approach is a light, non-intrusive method of movement re-education that addresses the integration of the mind and body. Like many movement approaches it aims to release long-term, deep-seated physical and mental patterns through gentle hands-on work.

Rolfing Works - Trager & Craniosacral


The Trager approach can remove the stresses and discomforts of everyday life, and can allow the client to approach greater freedom and fluidity of movement.

The Trager approach includes table work that is guided by a certified practitioner, and a directed movement aspect called Mentasitics. Mentasitics is a word coined by Dr. Milton, to mean the self-directed, gentle movements designed to improve the lightness and ease of movement; they are utilised alone or throughout a table session to deepen the value of a session.

In the table work, the practitioner will gently touch you – gently swinging, rocking, stretching, and applying pressure. The movement creates waves of motion that pass from the extremities and then resonate with your deepest core levels. As you and the practitioner uncover certain areas of restrictions, you learn how to play with, to dance along the meeting point between restriction and freedom, never forcing more movement, simply empowering the unconscious mind to feel the possibility of something more free and open.

CranioSacral Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy consists of very subtle work with the cranial rhythm. It was popularised by the osteopath, John Upledger, whose institute now teaches this therapy internationally. It was found to be highly useful for a range of conditions including TMJ problems, migraines, endogenous depression and unresolved physical traumas such as whiplash.

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