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Shanna Choudhary

Shanna Choudhary | Naturopath | EFT Practitioner

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Holistic and individualised support on your journey to more vibrant health and easy wellbeing using Food as Medicine & Nutritional Therapy, EFT, Herbal Medicine, Lifestyle practices, Self care techniques and Wellness coaching...

Naturopath | EFT Practitioner

Servicing area

Manuka, Canberra, ACT

Focus areas

Addiction Self-esteem Joy Wellness Reproductive health Lifestyle

I am a qualified Naturopath and EFT Practitioner, and am a.member of the Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA).

I apply a blend of evidence-based, scientific knowledge with Traditional wisdom, Eastern/Western & Metaphysical philosophies and approaches along with the underpinning principle of Holism (honouring the mind/body/spirit connection & that we are the sum of all of our parts).

I work closely with my clients to support and empower them on their journeys to creating more vibrant health and wellness in their lives; to release old patterns and ways that are no longer serving them, and ultimately to achieve the reality of how they want to feel and where they want to be in their lives.

I do this through a genuine and compassionate approach; meeting you where you are at and providing holistic, individualised treatment programmes, education and tools to empower you in taking charge of your wellness.

I offer guidance, support, incremental steps and follow-up care so you can get the most out of your health care.

If you are suffering from an ailment or generally not feeling well, I can help you.

I take special interest in:
  • Stress and stress management.
  • Mental Health; Anxiety, Depression & Mood.
  • Natural Fertility, reproductive health, pre-conception, pregnancy & post-natal care.
  • Restoring gut and digestive health (and its connection to healing other conditions).
  • Sleep disorders.
  • Wellness support through/after cancer.

    The modalities I use include…

    Food as Medicine and Nutritional therapy

    Using food-medicine as a fundamental means to heal, restore and enhance optimal physiological function including Nutritional Cleansing, Detoxification and Food Coaching; with nutraceutical support where appropriate.

    Herbal Medicine
    aka “Nature’s pharmacy”

    The value and efficacy of the medicinal properties in plants have been recognised and used throughout history, with written records dating back to over 5,000 years ago.

    Herbal medicine and its therapeutic benefits are being increasingly acknowledged and validated by scientific studies; with the chemical constituents and their effects forming the basis for many synthesised pharmaceutical drugs. For example, Hippocrates (the “father” of modern medicine, circa 400BC) used White Willow Bark to treat pain and fever; in modern medicine the active extract of the White Willow Bark (Salicin/Salicylic acid) is what ‘Aspirin’ is synthesised from.

    Herbal tonics are individually formulated according to your specific needs, and offer indispensable therapeutic benefits as a part of your Naturopathic healthcare.

    Lifestyle practices

    Understanding how we can best modify our lifestyle choices and practices plays a pivotal role in our level of health and wellbeing.

    We are all works in progress. By keeping things simple and working at a pace that allows us to explore and implement new ideas and practices, sets us up for success rather than failure; and helps us settle into the changes we are making so they can become an integrated and sustainable part of our daily lifestyle.

    Lifestyle practices enhance our health, wellbeing and quality of life on all levels and may include:

    Meal planning/food preparation; improving sleep quality; physical activity; stress management; time management; quality of thoughts/self-talk; mindfulness/self-awareness techniques; journalling; meditation/reflection; ”do nothing time”; dealing with our emotions; finding creative outlets; breath work or simply getting more fresh air; social, fun and pleasure time; along other practical and meaningful ways of enhancing and balancing ourselves and our lives…

    Cultivation of Self Care strategies

    This is probably the most fundamental and essential principle we can leverage when moving into better health & wellbeing, and is an instrumental part of my wellness philosophy. And basically just means looking after ourselves...

    It is now pretty much a “given” of our modern lives that most of us are in a state of constant overdrive and perpetual business. Doing more, working more and taking more on...

    As a result of this, we often drive ourselves into an experience of burnout and exhaustion, with many of us in falling into patterns of self-neglect.
    This is how we lose our vitality and joy for life, and is also the fast-track to the erosion of our health and wellbeing on all levels.

    Just like on a plane when we are instructed in the case of an emergency, that we need to put the oxygen mask on ourselves first, before we can help anyone else… The same concept is applies when we consider taking care of our fundamental needs (sleep, rest and nutrition for example..) before we can go on to function optimally and manage the demands of our lives with clarity, resilience and confidence.

    The concept really is simple, but for many of us, taking care of ourselves can be one of our greatest challenges. However we can make powerful shifts in our health, wellbeing and quality of our lives when we begin to recognise how important (and indeed, un-selfish) it is for us to put some basic practices in place so that we can then be our best and make the most our lives whilst maintaining a sense of balance, inner peace and nourishment.

    This is where I can provide support, gentle guidance, tools and techniques to help you find that space and create that sense of wellbeing for yourself…

    Bushflower essences

    A beautiful energetic healing system using Australian Bushflower essences to support physical/mental/emotional/spiritual wellbeing.

    EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

    EFT is based on the ancient (over five thousand years old), scientifically validated principles of acupuncture and the study and application of kinesiology.

    EFT also introduces and integrates a cognitive and emotional element to the healing process that recognises unresolved emotional issues as a likely contributing cause of physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual dis-ease and dysfunction.

    EFT applies "tapping" sequences to stimulate certain 'acupoints' on the body's meridian system to treat various ailments (without needles) and correct and restore balance, promoting wellbeing on all levels (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual).

    EFT can help to:
    • Locate and treat what may be holding us back, undermining our ability to do certain things, create change and succeed in our lives.
    • Clear limiting beliefs and programming e.g. "I'm not good/worthy enough", "I'm a failure", "I'm not deserving", "I can't..."...
    • Unblock negative emotions that contribute to poor health, wellbeing and quality of life e.g. Stress/Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Fear, Frustration, Powerlessness.
    • Create cognitive shifts e.g. changing the way we are able to perceive something, being able to see it in another light and from a more positive perspective; gleaning greater insight, which offers valuable connections and associations that can open new pathways for healing.
    • Improve Physical Health challenges and Conditions e.g. Discomfort/Pain.
    • Correct disempowering thoughts and behaviours.
    • Resolve past 'traumas' and events (big or small).

    Examples of which may include:

    Fears e.g. of failure/success, of not having/being "enough"... | Phobias | Self sabotage | Addictions | Cravings | Detoxification (on all levels) | Sleep problems | Self-esteem | Body image | Weight loss | Disordered eating patterns e.g. emotional/comfort eating, binging/restricting | Guilt | Jealousy Resentment | Confidence | Procrastination | PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) | OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) | Enhance relationships / Improve relationship issues | Harmonise conflict between our conscious and subconscious happenings | Increase personal empowerment | Boost performance levels | Achieve goals…

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