Best Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioners in Canberra ACT

Angela Cartland

Acuity Counselling & Psychotherapy

Canberra, ACT, 2600

Member since 2014

APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE TUESDAYS, WEDNESDAYS & THURSDAYS between 9.30 AM and 6.30 PM.  Zoom appointments available other days. Angela is an experienced counsellor committed to providing support and guidance for people feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or...

Tapping Stress management Negative emotions Trauma Motivation Emotions Emotional wellbeing Codependency Resilience Self-help

Diana Fels

Spiritual healing - Diana's Guide to Wellbeing

Canberra, ACT, 2600

Member since 2015

Clients value Diana’s gentle approach and qualifications in Reiki, Reiki Distance Healing, Counselling, Coaching, Spiritual healing, Business management, Courses "Diana is caring, open, thoughtful and responsive.” – Joanne, Canberra

Fears Anxiety Animal reiki Well-being Stress management Wellness Relaxation Happiness Chronic pain Business

Stacey Bout

Holistic Kinesiologist, Health and Wellbeing Consultant and Mental Health First Aid Instructor

Canberra, ACT, 2600

Member since 2014

You know you want change. You might know what you want to change, or maybe it's a feeling that "something" needs to change. Find out more about how Stacey can help you with a complimentary 15-minute consultation with her.

Mind-body medicine Stress management Joy Focus Mental health & wellbeing Holistic wellbeing consultations Physical health Complementary medicine Emotions Lifestyle

Christina Richards

Canberra Counsellor; a safe and trusting environment with empathy, non-judgment and confidentially.

Griffith, ACT, 2603
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Member since 2017

Counselling, Hypnotherapy & Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner.  Sleep Talk for Kids teacher.  Chris Richards - Certified Counsellor & Hypnotherapist and EFT and NLP Coach. If you would like to find a way out of stress and confusion let's work together. In three sessions you can see yourself differently.  Together we can change your world. I work with women, men and children.

Resilience Cancer management Happiness Phobias Headaches Insomnia Hypnotherapist Interpersonal Business Anxiety
This account is currently inactive on Natural Therapy Pages, but you can browse from hundreds of other practitioners in your local area.

Joanne Antoun

Joanne Antoun

Canberra, 2601

Member since 2016

Joanne Antoun your transformational expert & creator of the life transforming CTC-Combined Therapy Cocktail™ “Let me help you Heal the Past, Live in the Present & Create the Future you Desire” Joanne’s guidance helps you step into your power...

Growth Telehealth Weight management Addiction Anger Negative emotions Fatigue Transformation Motivation Eating disorders

Jessica Read


Kaleen, ACT, 2617

Member since 2021

From barely surviving, to emotionally thriving. Helping women constantly feeling stressed, emotionally exhausted and disconnected from themselves to ?Naturally overcome stress, anxiety and release trauma ?Make choices based on joy, not fear ?Find balance, connection & innercalm

Stress management Belief systems Alternative complementary therapy Self-love Well-being Emotions eDISC Trauma Fears Energy balancing

Melissa Kovacevic

Clinical EFT (Tapping)

Nicholls, ACT, 2913

Member since 2019

Emotional Freedom Techniques/Tapping for emotional eating and food cravings, stress and anxiety management, weight loss and body confidence. 

Gut Health Eating habits Lifestyle Sports performance Overwhelm Coaching Optimal health Stress management Emotional eating Healthy eating

Linda Krisenthal

Linda Krisenthal

Canberra, ACT, 2600

Member since 2006

Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) , Counselling, Foot Reflexology, Bach Flowers. Spiritual Healing, Reiki Practitioner.

Stress management Anger Depression Migraine Headaches Inner conflict Anxiety Fatigue Subconscious Guilt

Shanna Choudhary

Naturopath | EFT Practitioner

Canberra, ACT, 2600
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Member since 2012

Holistic and individualised support on your journey to more vibrant health and easy wellbeing using Food as Medicine & Nutritional...

Body image Wellness Cancer management Well-being Sleep disorders Tonic Cleansing Disordered eating Digestive health Procrastination
This account is currently inactive on Natural Therapy Pages, but you can browse from hundreds of other practitioners in your local area.

Emotional Health Counselling Services

Emotional Health Counselling Services - Emotional Code

Garran, ACT, 2605

Member since 2014

Are you looking for professional hypnotherapy services in the ACT?

Coaching Resilience Habits Motivation Teenagers Well-being Lack of motivation Anger Intimacy Eating habits

Annie Sorell

Annie Sorell - Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT or Tapping)

Hackett, ACT, 2602

Member since 2015

I discovered Emotional Freedom Techniques some years ago  and it has changed my life.  I continue to be amazed by the simplicity, gentleness...

Dogs Creativity Happiness Lifestyle Well-being Phobias Emotional eating Decision making Memory Joy

Elemental Drives

Elemental Drives - Emotional Freedom Technique

Macquarie, ACT, 2614

Member since 2010

Learn how to handle stress and improve your overall wellbeing, with a professional Emotional Freedom Technique session at Elemental...

Loneliness Emotions Phobias Overwhelm Vitality Relaxation Lifestyle Stress management Self-development Fibromyalgia

Lisa Dzaja

Whispers of the Heart

Wright, ACT, 2611

Member since 2014

Lisa is an intuitive Therapist, using a number of modalities such as readings, reiki, intuitive coaching and counselling to support...

Mental health Solution-focused therapy Wellness Emotions Psychic medium Relaxation Well-being Person-centred Reading Happiness

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