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Skillful Touch

Servicing area: Runaway Bay , Northern Gold Coast

Relaxation Circulation Breakdown ...
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Peter Hary's journey as a Body Worker/Therapist began around 25 years back in Germany, where he was trained and began in Reiki and whole body massage.

About Skillful Touch

The body is quite mysterious, holding the memory of lovely and traumatic encounters, which can be found, uncovered and released. It is an opening, developing, regularly exceptionally freeing process. Indeed, even a breakdown can be a chance for leap forward, a test to break free from old physical holding patterns, old responses, feelings, states of mind, even belief systems.

It is constantly great to see the slow unobtrusive changes amid a session: the body recapturing it's versatility, the expanded energy stream, the change from confined breathing to a free stream of the breath effortlessly; to see the adjustment in skin colour, the stretching of the tissue, the revival of the entire being and the internal magnificence communicated in an extremely casual face.

Peter also specialises in:
  • joint assembly, specific around hips/sacrum and shoulders/neck
  • what's more, change of body stance

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Skillful Touch