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Reflexology is more than a foot massage.

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The feet themselves can tell a story or two, the way the toes may lean or bend. Where callousing is on the foot, if there is peeling on the feet plus many other signs.

Reflexology helps to bring the body back to balance. When we work the feet or hands, we stimulate all organs that correspond to all parts of the body eg: organs, bones muscles and everything else in between At times, you may feel some form of sensation when parts of the body are worked.

Reflexology can be performed on all ages, mums to be, babies and the elderly. It is a profession that is often found in many wellness clinics around the world, especially cancer clinics, hospice and aged care facilities.

One does not need to have a physical ailment to benefit from reflexology. Everyone can benefit from a session or two.

The proven benefits include the following, but not limited to

          - Reduce stress and promotes relaxation

          - Improves circulation

          - Boosts lymphatic function

          - Assists with body toxin removal

          - Assists with stroke victims

           - Improves sleep problems

           - Eases women’s issues including menopause

           - Enhances the body’s natural healing process

           - Balances the nervous system

Techniques may vary between sessions. This enables us to get the best outcome possible.

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