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The environmental energy aroound your home influences the personal energy of anyone who lives in the home.

Feng Shui (pronounced “foong shway”) is the combination of two Chinese words meaning "wind & water" - these are the two natural elements that have the most influence on our lives. Wind and water move, hold and control the energy around us so we want to make sure it is working for us and not against us!

Feng Shui

Feng Shui Consultations

A Feng Shui consultation involves Wendy coming into your home and conducting a ‘reading’ of your home to assess the environmental energy that is surrounding you. Concentrating on how you and your family are – or are not – tapping into the Life Force Energy that you have available to all of you each and every day.

Wendy starts the process of ‘reading’ your house before she has even arrived. Working inwards from the outer, the assessment specifically concentrates on the energies of the land surrounding your home, the whole block, the whole house, whole rooms, and then specific items such as ovens, beds, water outlets, and heaters.

Restrictions and blockages are identified, and improvements made where necessary so to ensure that no one in the family is put at a disadvantage. Usually, the changes are very subtle, and you don’t have to incorporate anything new into your house. Changes often come from average everyday items such as crystals, plants, and garden statues.

Whilst Wendy is ‘reading’ you will be following her taking notes. At the conclusion of the ‘reading’ you will work together to ensure you truly comprehend the issues and recommendations offered. The standard low-rise, three-bedroom house takes around 2.5 hours for the entire consultation. Multi-storey or irregular shaped homes take longer to read because they are more complex.

In the consultation Wendy will analyse some of the following:

    • Personal Areas - for everyone living in the home
    • Electromagnetic Energy - identify harmful electromagnetic fields
    • Furniture Placement - eg beds, chairs, lounges, desks
    • Fire - placement of fires, heaters, ovens and all things fire-related
    • Chi Flow - fine tuning and harnessing energy coming to your property


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