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Tantric Synergy

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Tantric Synergy
Tantra sessions for men, women and couples. Experience deeper love and intimacy in your relationships with simple Tantra practices, tantric massage and lovemaking secrets.  Learn how to move sexual energy through your body for more open-hearted pleasure and to create deeper, more fulfilling pleasure experiences.

Tantric Synergy - Workshops


Introduction to Tantric Sexuality

For those who are curious about Tantra, and wanting to deepen their relationships

“Tantra creates the space for genuine heart felt openness, and takes away anxiety and the pressure to perform."

When it's time to let go of old conditioning which no longer supports a fulfilling sexuality, learn and integrate new skills and practices from the time honoured traditions of Tantra, for expanded awareness and deeper sensuality.

What is Tantra?

  • Sexuality and spirituality connected
  • The limitations of western conditioning
  • How conscious sexuality can free us
  • Freedom from performance and results driven sex
  • Different states of bliss
  • Exercises to move sexual energy for ejaculation control and increased pleasure
  • Lovemaking skills to take home
    Visit the Tantric Synergy website to see when the next workshop is running.

    Recalling the Sacred Mysteries

    The next step after "Introduction to Tantric Sexuality"....

    Allow your body to open as a celebration of life - a revelation of
    love and freedom.

    This weekend is a deeper dive – putting into practice what was covered on the “Intro night”.
    Tap into your life force flow through visioning, embodying, expressing, sharing, supporting and witnessing. Explore your full capacity for engaging in a safe, healthy and authentic way.

    This is initiation back into the body – back into awareness of the subtle senses.
    • Creating safety and trust in your relating (boundaries and agreements)
    • Giving and receiving conscious touch and honouring massage
    • Fire breath – allowing pleasure through the body
    • Energetic bodywork practice
    • The concept of orgasm as your divine offering
    • The wild and the passionate is sacred too
    • Welcoming the dark feminine by engaging the elements
    • Reclaiming sexual wonder in the masculine, to find divine power
    “Our raw power exalts through the body, calling all of our senses to merge in sublime bliss - and opening our heart to all that is.”

    Visit the Tantric Synergy website to see when the next workshop is running.

    Private Tantra Sessions

    Deepen the love and intimacy in your relationship with practices for conscious touch and authentic relating.
    Sessions are conducted in a beautiful, private setting created just for you, so it’s easy to relax and embody these simple techniques.
    • Deepen the love and intimacy in your relating
    • Learn the ancient skills for more passionate sexual connection
    • Develop simple practices for open communication
    • Learn lovemaking secrets to last longer and stay stronger
    • Give up performance pressure
    • Learn the art of tantric massage
    • Men, discover how to free the Goddess energy in your woman
    • Women, awaken the heart energy of your man

    For people who know there is something more, who want to feel more alive in their bodies, have more pleasure, and transform their intimate relating.

    Visit the Tantric Synergy website to see when the next workshop is running.
    “....Profound practices, guided by a sensitive and professional practitioner. We learned practical techniques to take away, and we continue to improve and deepen our emotional and sexual connection. Thank you, Stephanie”.

    - Penny and Graham, Hawthorn Victoria

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Qualification Details

Stephanie Phillips assists in integrating new pathways for deeper sexual connection and expanded awareness, by embracing the full spectrum of body wisdom, shedding fear and contraction, and honouring the sacred practices that connect us with our authentic selves.


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