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Tantric Synergy

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Learn the sacred practices to turn sex into a precious gift – an experience which is honouring rather than mechanical. Allow more intimacy and pleasure in your connecting....

Counselling, coaching, mentoring

Awaken the subtle senses in your body, and allow a more heartfelt expression of your sexuality.

Lose the anxiety around performance, and learn how to share this amazing energy with your partner.
The first session teaches you how to reframe your sexual response, and maintain ease and presence. You’ll go home with practices to transform your intimate life, no matter what your individual circumstances may be.

If you’d like to learn how to become attuned to the subtleties of pleasure and sensations, versus trying to achieve a pre-ordained outcome, Tantric Synergy Sessions are for you.

You’ll experience the opening of energetic pathways in the body and learn how to allow orgasmic energy to flow freely.

The practices taught during Tantric Synergy Sessions will release old patterns of fear, guilt or shame which may be stuck in the body around sexual expression. The intention of these sessions is to open to pleasure, connecting sexual energy to the heart and through the whole body.


If you’re ready for a journey into the self, of self-love and an unfolding of your full orgasmic energy, visit the website or contact us below



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What happens in a Tantric Synergy session?