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Access Consciousness Bars

32 points that run around the head which relate to different facets of life that when gently touched brings about enormous peace and clarity. 

I can help you to...

Reduce stress, improve sleep and so much more.

The Modern Lightworker - Access Bars


Thanks for connecting with me.

I am an Access Bars Facilitator, Reiki Practitoner, Theta DNA Healer, Intuitve Empath and Spiritual Life Coach.

Some of my areas of expertise include:

  • Stress, anxiety and mood disorders 
  • Insomnia and sleep disorders
  • Fatigue and exhaustion 
  • Stopping mind chatter 
  • Pain Management
  • Transformaational life coach
  • Numerology.

My passion is assisting my clients with their individual journey's and seeing them happy and at peace with more clarity and direction. 

What are the Access bars?

Bars is a body process  that can change your life.

There are 32 points around the head that relate to differwnt areas of your life. When activated they clear the "monkey talk" bring clarity and open up to greater ease and possibilities in your life.

After receiving an Access Bars Session people often experience

  • Greater mental clarity, motivation and problem solving  capacity
  • Significant icrease in joy and happiess
  • Deeper relaxation and non interrupted sleep
  • Improved manageability of depressive anxious tendencies. 

Can I learn the Access Bars?

Yes, you can learn to give a bars session in a one day workshop.

If you are a already a Therapist, Access Bars can be a wonderful compliment to your other healing modalities or just learn it for yourself.

Looking to book a private session? Follow the link through this site.

Love, light, grace and gratitude



"I loved my sessions with Elke. It's like catching up with an old friend, yet filled with guidance, clarity and wisdom. I had never had my Bars run before and completely loved it! Hard to put into words how clear and clean my mind is not just for hours after, but for days and weeks. Definitely a keeper in my self care routine."
Ashleigh - Upper Coomera Gold Coast 
"Hi Elke, Love having my Reiki/ Bars sessions and I always feel lighter and clearer afterwards. Gone from minimum sleep a night to solid 8.5 hours. No longer walking around stressed anxious and tired. Thank you so much! :-) 
Iona - Brisbane
"I wasn't sure whether this would be for me however, a frind of mine recommended I give it a go. Well, all I can say is WOW!  With the tools Elke gave me and the 3 sessions I had, I was able to make the decisions that I had previously been procrastinating about." Will highly recommend you to anyone that wants a healing.  Elke.
Melissa - Gold Coast





Qualification details

  • Access Bars Facilitator
  • Reiki Master/Teacher/Practitioner
  • Intuitive Energy Healer
  • Aura Soma Colour Consultant
  • Civil Celebrant
  • Justice of the Peace (Qualified)

Professional Membership

  • Australian Reiki Connection

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