Linda Parker N.D. Dip Bot Med

Mornington VIC 3931

Servicing area: Mornington, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Hobart, Mt Martha

Focus area: Allergies and sensitivities Eczema Gastrointestinal disorders ...

Acne - Eczema - Dermatitis - Psoriasis - Alopecia Areata - Cystic Acne - Rosacea - Urticaria - Hives - Thrush - Shingles - Cold Sores - Hair Loss -  Milia - Infections - Candida - Peri oral Dermatitis - Tinea - Herpes - More

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The Skin Naturopath

Linda Parker N.D. Specialises in helping you recover from any type of skin disease.

I help people with life-long dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, teenage acne, rosacea, shingles and other chronic skin conditions.

I integrate a variety of holistic skills and modalities into my treatments, such as custom herbal medicine extracts and creams, nutritional and lifestyle plans, allergy testing, functional testing, homeopathy, lymphatic drainage, iridology, meditation, counselling, Reiki and ear candling. 

I have been in practice for over 20 years and am dedicated and enthusiastic in guiding my patients to achieve 100% clear skin!

Before moving to the Mornington Peninsula, I founded four Natural Therapy Clinics in Melbourne and Sydney. After 14 years, I sold the clinics to write a book on how to treat the skin and now work from a smaller clinic where I can allocate more time for each client and live out of the rat-race of the city.

Another benefit has been working online for many years with consultations. This allows me to treat people from all over the world, interstate and regionally.

I use evidence based knowledge through a variety of functional and mainstream testing before diagnosing and treating. Aside from dermatological conditions, I also work on autoimmune and hormonal conditions like migraines, hormonal acne, rosacea and menopause.

How I Found the Solution to My Problem

Growing up I suffered from severe allergies, alopecia, asthma, eczema, urticaria and chronic fatigue syndrome.

I saw many doctors and dermatologists but their treatments of antibiotics, antihistamines and steroidal creams never helped but only made it worse.

The lack of results with mainstream medicine was the instigator for my interest in natural medicine. After many years of studying and clinical experience I qualified and set up my own clinic.

I researched and discovered the cause of my own skin issues then completely healed myself… after being told by doctors that it was “untreatable” and I would have to live with the skin conditions forever! This was not acceptable to me and I knew it wasn't true. 

I worked my way to becoming a qualified naturopath, homoeopath, iridologist, nutritionist, remedial massage therapist, lymphatic drainage specialist, Reiki practitioner and medical herbalist.

I started as a general practitioner in my first multi-disciplinary clinic in Sydney CBD, the Macquarie Naturopathic Clinic. Then I ended up treating all types of gut and skin diseases, paying special attention to women’s hormonal health and the immune system.

I opened a larger second and third clinic in Little Collins St and another one in Collins Street Melbourne - Melbourne Natural Wellness Clinic. 

My passion for helping people end their ordeal with cystic acne, thrush, candida and acne vulgaris, among other skin problems has seen great results.

Writing for magazines and newspapers over the years has also helped the general public see another side to what is being offered by mainstream medicine.

I focused on a wide range of health topics and also hold workshops and speak regularly on radio.

My mission is to achieve 100% clear renewed skin in my clients.



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Qualification details

Adv. Dip Naturopathy
Adv. Dip Botanical Medicine
Adv. Dip Nutrition
Adv. Dip Homoeopathy
Adv. Dip Iridology
Adv. Dip Remedial Massage
Natural Fertility Management Certified
Reiki Master


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