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Bicom BioResonance Therapy


Overcome allergic reactions with BICOM Bioresonance Therapy.

“CAN BICOM BIORESONANCE THERAPY HELP ME overcome sniffling, running eyes, stuffy nose, itchiness, lack of energy, extreme discomfort, and remove the allergens?"

Yes, Bioresonance Therapy can help eliminate the effects and associated symptoms of allergic reaction in the body without side effects.

SOME CAUSES: You may be allergic to pollens, air pollutants, chemicals in the air, even household products. You may be susceptible to engine fumes, or your pet’s fur. Whatever the cause, the ongoing loss of quality of life can be extremely debilitating.

We test for:
  • Toxic burden from heavy metals, pollution, chemicals
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Food Intolerances
  • Digestive problems
  • Environmental Stressors
  • Radiation
  • Parasites
  • Infections
  • Geopathic Stress
  • Agricultural Chemicals

    If you are interested in the Quit Smoking Program please call the clinic for more information.

"Where harmful substances (toxins, viruses, bacteria etc.) or stress-inducing radiation are able to act on the body, this can impede communication between cells. Impaired cell communication can result in organic (physical) changes." These changes are felt in the body as symptoms of dis-ease. ~ Regumed, Germany.

Too many stresses over a prolonged period of time can block the body’s regulatory capability and usual self-healing powers, leading to immune system overwhelm.


Heavy metals from agricultural chemicals, lead from air pollution add to physiologcal burden in overly sensitive bodies.Toxic overload can result in food intolerances to dairy products, wheat, grass, and pollens. Other common allergic reaction can occur from contact with animal fur, dust mites, household cleaners and chemicals, cosmetics, shampoos, and other substances.
  • Toxic burden decreases immunity and the cause may not be recognised. Tiredness, depression, lethargy, skin and digestive problems may be typical symptoms of the burden. Parasites, viruses, infections, hives and bacteria from environment, atmosphere or from others may be picked up.

  • The BICOM Bioresonance device offers testing and removal of the above issues to help unburden the body and assist it regain homeostasis and health. It is harmless, non-invasive and safe.
    We test a range of samples against your body to see what is causing the disturbances and sometimes debilitating reactions in you.

  • The first visit to the clinic will take approximately 1.5 hours. Subsequent removing of stressors in the body will last about 1 hr.
  • We also offer a Stop Smoking Program which is short and effective.

For more information or to make an enquiry contact us today!!

Qualification Details

Dr Reza Ghaffurian

Bachelor Applied Science, Alternative Medicine/Herbalist (RMIT University)

Bachelor of Science (Deakin University)

Certificate (Zertifikat - REGUMED Institut fur Regulative Medizin) issued via Biomed Australia Pty Ltd
• Therapy Systematics with Frequency Patterns of Patients and Substances
• Allergies and the Theory and Practice of Treating Strains
• Electroacupuncture Measurement and Testing

Certificate and Training Endotherapy for pain treatment (LPG)

Dr Mary Ann Ghaffurian (Dr MAG)

B Ed, MA, PhD (LaTrobe University)
Consultant: Primordial Psychology, Primal Yoga, The Primordial Path.
Teacher: Structural Access to Higher Consciousness
Certificate Oxygen Therapy
Qualified Therapeutic Massage
Diagnostic Art Therapist, Psychiatric, Royal Park
Past Lecturer, Deakin University "Visual Art as Therapy" "Visual Art as Healing" - Psychoanalytic Paths to Treatment by Arts Therapy.
Author: Visual Art as Therapy
Search for Origin
Alchemical Ways
Electro Dreams of Omnipotence and Power.

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