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"I Want My Body to Breathe Again."
• Decompress Stress that Burdens
Body, Mind, and Being
• Lymphatic Drainage Relief
• Plus, After-Surgery Lymphoedema
Therapy for Women 
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WHOLE BODY SOMATIC THERAPY Lymphatic Drainage & Decompress

• Decompress Your Stress Today.
• Lymphatic Drainage and Lymphoedema Therapy
• Renew Sensed Body Space
• Enhanced  Sense of Inner Freedom
• Breathability and Somatic Togetherness 


Whole Body Somatic Therapy
Our cosy healing clinic room contains a body compression unit and quiet, to unwind, relax, and get relief from your suffering.

You will slip into a body suit for treatment that is specific to your needs, whether it be for lymph drainage, oedema therapy, destressing, or entire body relaxation of returned aliveness and excitement back to tired, achey, numb, or over-burdened cellular tissue. Lungs, circulation, vascular system, as well as lymph network are treated. That is why this treatment is a "Whole Body" Therapy.

The unit is set to compress legs, thighs, feet, buttocks, hips, tummy, diaphragm and chest, in calibrated rhythmic cycles, of compression and relief, compression and relief. Combined with breathwork, mindfulness and energy medicine, this is very effective. Unlike massage, which is limited to the span of the hands in one-two places on the body at a time, the Whole Body Somatic System targets the whole body simultaneously over the course of a treatment session.

• Circulatory problems with oedema (swelling of tissue) is very common.

• Leg swelling discomfort and feeling heavy and 'fat' may be caused by water retention (lymph) in the body where lymphatic drainage therapy can help.

• Breast Cancer Mastectomy and Surgery often means Lymphoedema post-surgery. Some women struggle with this for months, years, or their whole life with "fat" arms, body, or legs due to lymph node removal at the time of surgery. Somatic Compression Therapy can help you.

• Sedentary life creates body congestion. Shallower breathing. Slower metabolism. Building Stress. Especially now with the forced indoor living during 2020.
We need to Decompress our Stress.

• Whole Body Somatic Therapy combines several modalities in one. That is why it is so effective to unslug the body and get it to crackling with life and inner somatic, circulatory feeling-energy once again.


Many women after cancer breast surgery experience swelling, inflammation and pain, in one or both arms due to the removal of the lymph nodes. This puts a lot of pressure on the other axillary nodes in other parts of the body to filter lymph and relieve the fluid build-up.

Results can be arm swelling and a feeling of "fullness", pressure and discomfort due to the pooling of fluid in the arm/s. This can be painful and debilitating, as well as feel unsightly and can contribute to a loss of confidence in oneself.

There are various ways to help combat lymphoedema, from losing weight, being nutritionally very conscious, exercising, dry brushing, using a vibration plate, and following a stretching program.

Pressure garments and massage may help as well, while Whole Body Somatic Therapy  the entire somatic system, readjusting and relieving  the symptoms of lymph stagnation and fluid build-up.

Whole Body Somatic Therapy promotes lymph drainage, venous flow and respiratory deepening and regulation.

The controlled compression pneumatic massage of our system is used to effectively treat oedema, peripheral circulatory conditions, establishing balanced breathwork and decompression from typical stressful life.

The new inner reconnections help stimulate a person's self-resourcing going forward, as inner mechanisms are set in motion and remembered. Surgery is trauma. Whole Body Somatic Therapy allows us, in an environment of safety and seclusion to reconnect with our internal systems and be whole again.

Somatic Compression Therapy. What Is It?

Similar Somatic Compression Therapy is a method of lymphatic drainage widely used in the field of medicine and aesthetics in Europe. Its application produces an activation of the circulatory, venous and lymphatic system, improving the return circulation and reducing the accumulation of water and other toxins and substances that are retained in the body.

Our program goes beyond that, and while it helps stimulate the circulatory system, venous and lymphatic return, to assist prevent varicose veins, lymphoedema and venous oedemas, oedemas post-operative and  post-traumatic oedema, it is also a whole-body treatment program for destressing from modern life.


A patient is fitted into an inflatable suit, with the limb to be treated fitted into boots or sleeves comprising compartmentalized double-walled pneumatic chambers. Treatment is adjusted to the actual blood pressure. A compressor injects air into the body-suit chambers incrementally with an adjustable force under controlled pressure.

The effect is hyperbaric in relation to stimulation and pressure felt on body parts under controlled compression in a minimal 45-minute session. Lymphatic and venous engagement occurs during this time in which lymphatic and circulatory systems activate, and begin relieving internal pressure, flushing toxins, and accumulated fluids. Plus breathwork is incorporated into the treatment program so that the respiratory system achieves a balanced work-out and mind and body comes into renewed connection and rebalance.

The result is a feeling of incredible lightness and well-being - with relief from the tired body, legs, and inner being that were so burdened before. 

Who is it for again?

Because of the adaptation of the procedure to various issues, all the following treatment modality adjustments are available with this therapy which suits a range of possible conditions:

• Varicose vein prevention, even when symptoms are present (heavy, tired legs, pain from oedema)  
• Oedema after surgery (e.g. breast mastectomy); post-traumatic oedema
• De-stress and decompress
• Mental health management
• Overweight
• After-birth treatment for helping restore the body
• Return to somatic balance after prolonged periods of inactivity 
• After cosmetic surgery recovery of blood circulation
• Body detox
• Increase poor circulation and metabolism
• Tightening of thigh, buttocks, hips  
• Sedentery Body Stagnation Recovery

Symptoms to consider for this therapy:

• cold hands and feet or a feeling of a cold body
• swollen ankles and legs; swollen arms
• heavy body feelings
• tired, washed-out or burnt-out
• stressed, exhausted, at the-end-of-the-line and needing to recalibrate completely

Lymph stagnation is commonly the cause of the above due to fluid and toxin retention in the body, and a sluggish metabolism.

If you take up sessions, please drink plenty of water before and after each session to help eliminate wastes. 

NOTE: Pressure therapy is discouraged in people with major disturbances in blood pressure or with inflammatory arthritis. If you have heart, respiratory or kidney problems, compression therapy is best avoided. If you are in doubt, please ask your clinician.

Do you have any questions? You can contact us using the contact link and we'll be happy to help.


"Whole Body Somatic Therapy reconnects and re-establishes Lymphatic, Circulatory and Respiratory connection back to the Mind, integrating it, and promoting abundant healing - giving you confidence that Your Body Can Heal Itself." Dr MAG


Qualification Details

Dr Mary Ann Ghaffurian PhD (Dr MAG)

Thesis: Modes and Structures of Human Consciousness: The Search for Origin
Consultant: and Founder: Primordial Energy Psychology
Teacher: Integral Intellignce Institute: The Primordial Path
Kundalini Yoga Master Practitioner
Certificate: Oxygen Therapy
Qualified Therapeutic Massage
Past Diagnostic Art Therapist: Royal Park Psychiatric with Dr John Cade and Dr Cunningham Dax
Past Lecturer, Deakin University: Course Creator - "Visual Art as Therapy" "Visual Art as Healing" - Psychoanalytic Paths to Health.
Author: Visual Art as Therapy
Alchemical Ways
Training in Somatic Whole Body Constellations
Visiting Practitioner: Tao Garden Medical Spa, Rehabilitation and Education Centre, Thailand with Grandmaster Mantak Chia, Chiang Mai.

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