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Authentic Conscious Living

Saulan Beverly Yin-Lo

Kingsford NSW 2032

Servicing area: Inner West and Eastern Suburbs, New South Wales

Authentic Conscious Living

“One supremely important is that we can change, that consciousness can be restructured, can be redeveloped: hatred can be changed into meta (loving – kindness)” – Sangharakshita.

Authentic Conscious Living - Qigong Energy Work & Meditation

Qi-Gong Energy Work

Qi-Gong is a holistic modality that coordinates body movement and posture, meditation, and breathing techniques for the purpose of wellness, health, and spirituality. The practice typically involves coordinating slow flowing movement, meditation, deep rhythmic breathing, and calm meditative state of mind. It is practiced across the world and is used for exercise, recreation, relaxation, in alternative medicine, preventative medicine, and for self-cultivation.


Types of Meditation

  • Concentrative: focusing and calming the mind
  • Generative: bringing some ability or quality into being
  • Mindfulness: for being in a receptive attention to experience
  • Reflective: contemplating ideas such as interconnectedness

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