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Authentic Conscious Living

Saulan Beverly Yin-Lo

Kingsford NSW 2032

Servicing area: Inner West and Eastern Suburbs, New South Wales

Authentic Conscious Living
Offering coaching, healing & counselling services, Saulan draws upon her 30 years experience in working within the field to help clients reach their full potential. Specialising in soul care & shamanic healing, coaching & counselling services, reiki, Qi-Gong and spiritual healing, group work sharing circles, visualisation meditation, authentic indian head massage.

Authentic Conscious Living - Energy Healing Therapies

What is your real purpose in life?
Are you having changes in your life or unresolved issues?
When we are reflecting and searching for the soul through mind, body and spirit it takes in many aspects of our inner self as well as the environment. It is the natural process of interconnecting with life that will have an impact about embracing life.
Understanding the four elements; Earth, Water, Air and Fire can have an impact on our Being and can assist us in identifying issues and healing our bodies and maintaining balance. We can use these elements through transpersonal counselling. Through focusing and action this provides us with wisdom to create and connect to processes that can shift to a self-discovery that enlightens us to a life that has scope unimaginable.
The shift encompasses us through our physical, social and psychological aspects and we can develop and explore many aspects of self.


An ancient art of natural healing that was rediscovered in Japan over a hundred years ago. Reiki the Usui System of natural healing is a gentle but powerful “hands on” techniques bringing wholeness to both the recipient and the giver. Qi-gong healing is a way of guiding our own healing and bringing our body back into harmony with nature. Spiritual Healing is the connection of an individual with a higher self and becoming a channel to heal or self-heal.


  • Stimulates and improves scalp circulation which in turn helps to promote texture with strength and growth of hair
  • Soothes, comforts & rebalances energy flow leaving you with a feeling of peace and tranquillity
  • Eliminates muscle tension and stimulates circulation
  • Stimulates lymphatic drainage
  • Restores joint movement, stretching and mobilising the tissues of the neck and shoulders
  • Breaks down grinding in head and neck
  • A way to restore the natural balance in the body
  • A deep relaxation, thus evoking a sense of peace and well-being
  • A process that works on emotions, mind and spirit as well as the physical body


Being in a group provides us with a sense of belonging, acknowledgement and support.
Saulan welcomes you and provides;

  • Facilitation for groups with an opportunity to provide support, and understanding,
  • Active listening and sharing of stories, creativity and music, connecting with creative visualisation meditations that can give a meaning and a purpose to your journey.
  • Engages and networks for people to meet who are like -minded and/or enjoy having fun together to make better life decisions for ourselves
  • This is what is offered to YOU when you join a group.

Call Saulan to discuss how her therapies can benefit you specifically, or to book in your first consultation today!

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