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My name is Joelle Corbett and I am located in the bayside suburb of St. Kilda, Melbourne 3182. I have been practising healing for over 20 years now.

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St Kilda, Victoria

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Brain balance Stress Management Spiritual counselling Love Nurturing Life purpose

My experience in the counselling and healing area is as follows:

A background in Mental Health, working as a Community Support Professional for Richmond Fellowship involving: group facilitating, counselling, goal setting and rehabilitation work.

I am very passionate about spirituality and alternative healing and I have explored and trained in many different areas. Through the process of Aquarian Healing treatments, I was able to overcome trauma from the past and my spiritual development grew profoundly.

In my early years I was searching for answers to improve my life, I read extensively and one day a co-worker handed me a book titled “The Celestine Prophecy” written by James Redfield. Towards the end of reading this book I had a vision of a ball of pink light hovering in my room for about 10 minutes. That decided for me to search for spiritual answers as I felt I had been sent a message. I attended a number of different types of spiritual development workshops to gain knowledge of the spiritual realms and personal development. During this time I intuitively received the word “Psychology” in my mind one day and as I was unsure of the meaning, I had to look it up in a dictionary. I applied to Auckland University and I was accepted on a 3 year BA Psychology degree. I went on to complete a Graduate Diploma in Psychosocial Studies, which had an emphasis on psychotherapy. I enjoyed this course but it lacked the spiritual essence I had come so much to love.

For many years I had been working on my personal issues especially with early childhood trauma. During adulthood I found I kept attracting unsuitable partners into my life. I had worked with traditional counsellors, a psychologist who was spiritually aware and an energy healer. Although I found that it was wonderful to vent my anger and frustration during my therapy sessions, my personal pain was not shifting, nor was I able to release the past.

A year after starting my psychology degree I decided to commence a Diploma in Natural Healing Sciences with the emphasis on Auric Healing and attained my diploma.

I applied and was successful in obtaining employment in the Mental Health Industry in New Zealand. The experience I gained working in this industry was invaluable. I developed a strong rapport with my clients and co-workers. I learned to be a team player whereby my input was always required during meetings and decision making processes. I co-lead therapy groups alongside my colleagues who had immense levels of knowledge and expertise. During this period at work I experienced the paranormal which consisted of many psychic attacks, negative energies and dark entities.

I was fortunate to attend a weekend Spiritual Workshop where I met a healer that I resonated with who practised a form of healing called Aquarian Healing. I started to have regular sessions with this healer and I found that my old childhood issues were shifting at a phenomenal rate. This healer assisted me to clear psychic and spiritual blockages making my clairvoyant abilities open rapidly. I was now able to see past lives with clarity. It opened up a world that I had not previously been exposed to. I utilised these abilities to clear the paranormal attacks I was receiving from my work in the Mental Health Sector. As I was constantly clearing myself I also became exhausted from the emotional content of the job. I was so impressed with my healing treatments and progress, that I decided to train to become an Aquarian Healer. I left this industry to pursue a career in private practice as a healer and counsellor. Aquarian Healing was the answer for me!!

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