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Aquarian Healing originates from New Zealand and works at an energy and vibrational level.

Aquarian Healing

Servicing area

St Kilda, Victoria

Focus areas

Brain balance Stress Management Spiritual counselling Love Nurturing Life purpose

Through a form of kinesiology, (muscle testing), we are able to access the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind contains every memory that a person has experienced in this lifetime, past lives and the effect it can have on the physical body. It is with this information that we are able to get to the underlying cause of the problem.

As a practitioner I have scan lists that contain corrections to areas relating to anatomy and physiology, thought patterns, disease, past lives and many other aspects relating to a client’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. With the aid of the scan list the client’s body will identify the priority areas for healing and the underlying cause of the problem. When one area is completed the client’s body will indicate the next priority area requiring healing and so on. Some of the areas of healing that we cover are: aura cleansing, addictions, chakra balancing, colour balancing, creating abundance, depression, digestive system, dna activation, endocrine system, entity extraction, fears and phobias, immune system, past life clearing / regression, relationship issues, self-esteem, spinal misalignment, stress release, stuck belief systems, toxin release, trauma and more. When the priority area is completed the client’s body will indicate the next priority area requiring healing and so forth.

During the healing process we work with timelines. The body may identify priority ages to be brought on-line when specific events, situations or circumstances happened to an individual in this life. Through a process of enquiry I am able to ask the client what was happening to them at that time and then we ask the body to release this event from the subconscious mind and clear any blocked emotions associated with it. We clear negative patterns and reprogramme the body with positive patterns and affirmations. (The client will still retain the memory of the event, but the charge around the event will lessen). As we work through the timeline the body may take us back into a past life or lives where a particular event happened or a decision was made. I describe to the client what I am clairvoyantly shown. At the same time, the body will verify that this information is correct through kinesiology. Karmic Contracts are often unconsciously held decisions, attitudes, beliefs, thoughts and agreements that we made during past lives and get carried by our soul’s memory and dna from lifetime to lifetime. When you are born you are rarely unburdened by past life karma. We inherit every attitude and emotion from our parents family lines at fetal integration, so part of their consciousness becomes yours. As part of their dna becomes encoded into your dna.

Then we ask the body if we need to clear and/or release the past life, especially if it is negatively impacting upon the client in the present time.

As human beings we carry through all of our unresolved issues from past lives from lifetime to lifetime. The universe keeps sending us people or situations to play-out these dilemmas until we are able to clear the patterns and karmic issues that keep us locked in these dysfunctional relationships or behaviours.

My experience has been that once these past lives are cleared and the charge around the pattern is released, the client is then free to experience more fulfilling and empowering choices in all aspects of their lives. I have found that this will either make or break a relationship. The relationship may have been karmic or if the couple does not have any further lessons to learn together, then they are now released to go on their separate journeys. They are free to attract a new partner without the previous karmic issues.

The beauty of this work is that we are able to clear these past lives from cellular, karmic, soul, dna and the total etheric memory body. (If the past lives are not cleared thoroughly especially from the cellular memory, they will keep us locked in the karmic pattern).

Without knowing why, many people become stuck in different aspects of their lives because they do not know how to change or heal a situation. People would not necessarily realise that the situation could be karmic and in need of healing.

Importance of Healing Sessions

As you clear these old issues and patterns you will start to feel lighter, calmer and more peaceful and attract positive people and situations into your life. As you release these old issues your being will take on more light and your frequency will rise. As a consequence your positive intentions will manifest much faster because you are not weighed down by energetic blockages.

As an experienced Healer/Spiritual Counsellor I have been presented with a diverse range of issues. (My specialty is in the emotional/mental and spiritual areas). If a client brings an issue that is not specifically in the Aquarian Healing Manual, then I will ask their body if we are able to work with the issue. On most occasions we are able to adapt this issue and clear the blockage from the client’s cellular memory and other areas associated.

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