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St Kilda, Victoria

Focus areas

Brain balance Stress Management Spiritual counselling Love Nurturing Life purpose

Joelle our time of healing was quite amazing, a session that cannot be forgotten.

I felt like I broke ground that I could not have touched without the wonderful healing techniques that you have mastered and practice.

After the session I felt lifted to new heights and clearer in my being. I discovered many memories of my ancient self and was able to join some more dots and collect my power to live my life more fully.
My Life is more powerful now and I am guided from within with greater insight. I am able to forsee obstacles and overcome problems with ease as I create what I truly desire.
I felt very safe and under professional care during the healing session.
I found Joelle to be very open and trustworthy in her approach.

I very readily recommend Joelle to anyone considering this truly amazing and powerful healing opportunity.

Grant Barlow
Research, Victoria

I was raised in a family with high expectations, lots of cultural values and traditions. I had unresolved issues combined with my current work load and my personal life was out of balance. This has put a lot of pressure on my life. I was introduced to Joelle and this was the best experience I had in 2008.

I started Aquarian Healing which she used to heal the mind and body and let go of the past and focus on the present. This was combined with Life Coaching which consists of 11 sessions where I chose to work on different aspects of my life, my dreams and my goals. She also helped me to work on my strengths and weaknesses, some of which I wasn't aware of. I started to see some changes in my personal and professional life.

Overall, Joelle's Life Coaching brought me a long way in different aspects of my life. It was an experience, whereby I learnt strategies that are applicable to my day to day life while other goals are still work in progress.

Srini Govindaraju
Sales Executive

"I just want to say a huge thank-you to you, Joelle.
Even after our first session, I was completely amazed at how well your practice of Aquarian Healing left me feeling.

It was like a huge weight had been lifted. It took a few sessions to get me back on track, but your healing work helped me immensely, spiritually, mentally and physically.

You are a very caring and helpful person. It’s great you compliment the healing with your psychology background. You are a gifted healer.

I highly recommend you to anyone who needs healing work done.
Keep up the great work

Best Wishes
Janelle, Melbourne.

I have had several healing sessions with Joelle and every time not only have I experienced renewed and rejuvenated energy physically but I have also been supplied with the information and inspired ideas I need to move forward with my life.

Joelle is able to tap into a dimension beyond human conscious awareness to provide the exact information needed to resolve both physical, emotional and spiritual issues. Joelle is loving and deeply caring, a total professional, and I highly recommend her for her ability to facilitate healing on all levels.
lots of love

eileen mcbride

I am a healer myself and have been on an amazing journey over the past 8 years where special people have come into my life to teach me different methods and help guide me with my spiritual growth.

I remember coming home one day and checking my mail box to find a brochure of Joelle's. For a few weeks I had been thinking of seeing a healer, someone who used techniques I had not previously been exposed to, someone who I felt a connection with and comfortable to open up to and accept their nurturing and guidance. Joelle was that person. She is a wise soul with such amazing abilities! With every treatment I have with Joelle I learn so much and grow that little bit more. Words can not express my gratitude enough!

For those who are ready to change their life I always recommend Joelle to help facilitate them along their journey.

Thank you for supporting me, You are a blessing.

Daniella Albanese

There have definitely been some improvements! I've got my MOJO back which is great!! Had lots of loving wonderful feelings towards mum and things been great between us. Was also good to confirm some of the things i saw with her.

And in general feeling back to my old self ,loving everything and everyone.
Thanks for the protection information, I love crystals so really resonate with being inside a big protective crystal around my aura.

Do you mind if I pass it on to a friend?
Thanks for the festival voucher too, I'll see you there!
Thank You Kindly & love & light to you !


It is difficult to describe how I felt after our session. Not only my severe lower abdominal pains was diminished greatly and now gone, to the total surprise of my doctor, who insisted on tests, which only confirmed how I felt. But the amazing part was the effect your treatment had on my overall state of mind and body! This incredible lightness of being, content and inner joy, combined with great energy. The negativity, sadness, feeling down was gone, replaced by gratitude for being alive and part of creation. I could not sleep, rejoicing in the new found bliss.

All I could say now is - I WILL BE BACK ! Thank you from the bottom of my heart You are a miracle worker bar none!

Alex Grant

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