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Barbara Traub

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Barbara Traub - Testimonials

Servicing area

Randwick, Maroubra, Pagewood, Mascot and Little Bay

Focus areas

Diarrhoea Body composition Emotional wellbeing Intolerance Blood analysis Motivation

"Six months ago I was extremely overweight and at a very low point in my life. For years I tried to lose weight but lacked the mental motivation to stick to it for the long term.

When I was introduced to Barbara I knew straight away that she could offer me the strength, determination and motivation to beat the weight.

Barbara gave me realistic advice, insight and most importantly for me the routine and structure to succeed, as well as constant motivation to keep going. Whenever my body looked like plateauing she would push me forward to continue to lose 2-3 kilograms a week.

With Barbara’s guidance and support, in just six months I have lost 50 kilos and it has completely changed my life! Without Barbara I would still be sitting at home, unhealthy, unhappy and letting life slip away”

- Dean R

" I am a long time and enthusiastic member of Curves Dover Heights. After discussing with my instructors my inability to ever lose well entrenched and solidified fat from a specific part of my anatomy, namely my belly, I was advised to consult with Barb Traub and seek her advice as a nutritionist.

Some weeks later I have to report that the unbelievable is happening! The mountainous belly is starting to resemble an undulating hill.

Barb’s advice has been professional, dedicated, enthusiastic, encouraging, humorous and most importantly correct. “

- Georgina D

“After testing for food intolerances the embarrassing irritable bowel symptoms of cramping, diarrhoea, constipaton and bloating I’d suffered with for many years has gone. The changes are fantastic! I highly recommend it!”

- Anna M

“My strength and personal best times have increased dramatically – I’m now the fastest in my cycling and swimming groups”

- Alan S

“Barbara found out which missing nutrients were affecting my eurotransmitters and hormones. After the correct supplementation and remedy I am less depressed and stressed and coping so much better”

- Sue L

“After being told I would be infertile from PCOS unless I had fertility treatment, I had a healthy baby boy”

- Gail O

“My insomnia and hot flushes are a thing of the past”

- Barbara F

“After correcting my thyroid and insulin levels, I lost 14 kilos and have amazing energy”

- Maria J

“Embarrassing Irritable Bowel symptoms of diaarhoea, bloating & constipation have gone”

- Carl M

“With dietary changes and supplements my long-term acne has gone.”

- Geraldine S

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