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V Relaxation Therapies

Vanessa Rose

Pyrmont NSW 2009

V Relaxation Therapies

Massage Treatments specially customised to you. 

V Relaxation Therapies - Massage


Swedish Massage

A highly relaxing style of massage that systemically flows through the entire body. Unscented oils are utilised to facilitate smooth, long flowing massage strokes. Swedish massage will support your lymphatic system and enhance overall circulation. Pressure may vary and is based on the preference of the individual.

Deep Tissue Massage

A very firm pressure is utilised to penetrate deep into the muscle layers, relaxing the mind and body. When your mind is distressed so to will there be physical discomfort and when the body is relaxed, so too will the mind relax.

Aromatherapy Massage

A truly blissful kind of massage, utilising essential oils in your massage treatment. Essential oils are extracted from plants and are well renowned for their range of therapeutic benefits. Select a scent that reflects your mood or the fragrance that feels most uplifting.

Hot Stone Massage

Utilised for many centuries to enhance circulation and reduce stress. Hot Stones induce a very deep relaxation, the heat from stones is highly nurturing for both mind and body. Stones are placed along a variety of points along the body soon followed by gentle massage strokes.

Signature Rose Quartz Massage

A relaxing and deeply nurturing massage that uses heated Rose Quartz stones and rose scented aromatherapy massage oil. A perfect massage for the relaxation of the mind and body.

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