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The focus in these classes will be on understanding and applying Pilates principles not just learning the exercises.

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Pilates is a body conditioning program that has been specifically designed to teach efficient movement patterns and offer general wellbeing utilising controlled exercises and deliberate breathing patterns. To get the full benefits of Pilates, exercises are best performed 3-5 times per week for sculpting, toning and changing faulty movement patterns.

Cn you imagine an exercise program that you really look forward to, one that fully engages you and one that leaves you feeling fully alert and refreshed with a feeling of mental and physical wellbeing. The Pilates Method of body conditioning will do all these things… and a lot more!

Some of the benefits of Pilates include:

    • Learn Conscious Movement to increase body awareness

    • Increase core control

    • Improve mobility

    • Lower stress levels

    • Better posture

    • Fewer injuries

    • Correct muscle imbalance

    • Improve strength and muscle tone

    • Increase breathing capacity

    • A flatter abdominal section

    • Less incidence of back pain

    • Improved athletic performance

Pilates Courses

    • Pilates Matwork: Traditional Pilates training working all areas of the body to help you get into shape.  We teach postural awareness & control, strengthening and stretching.  

    • Pilates Matwork Fundamentals: Our Fundamental classes are designed for people who are completely new to Pilates, those wanting to revisit the basics or people with limitations due to injuries, No previous experience is needed and it is suitable for all fitness levels.

    • Pilates Power Barre: The use of the band multiplies all the benefits of Pilates that you know and love - increased stamina, leaner muscles, and a super toned core to provide postural support to reduce aches and pains that arise from muscle inefficiency.

    • Pilates Matwork Small Equipment: Aimed at those that have had some experience with Pilates. These classes move on from the basics to include a variety of small equipment to help activate the core in different ways.

    • “Mums with Bubs” Post Natal Barre Classes: Special Post Natal classes for postnatal recovery. Return to pre-pregnant body shape, awareness, tone and control.

    • Beginners: Our classes are specifically designed for young and old, male and female to discover the long lasting benefits of Pilates.  They are suitable for beginners, improvers and individuals with limitations due to injury or arthritis etc. They will improve your core stability, reduce back pain and increase your postural awareness.

    • PreNatal Pilates: Our safe yet challenging Pre-Natal Pilates/Yoga programs will assist you in preparation and strengthen mind and body for your birth experience and also help in a speedier recovery. The low impact exercises tone and enhance flexibility without stressing the joints in the body.

    • PostNatal

    • Private Pilates: A personalised session enables individual feedback and a greater understanding of your body and how the Pilates method works.

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