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Yoga for Birth and Beyond

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Servicing area: Canberra, Woden, Pearce, Weston, Tuggeranong, ACT


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For busy pregnant mums, extra home yoga practice or to learn great birthing skills Yoga Active Birthing Skills will help you prepare in an empowering, confident and knowledgeable way.

Online Courses

Online Courses

This course includes:

  • 6 short yoga practices with a variety of safe postures to prepare for an Active Birth

  • A video on great labour and birth positions to practice, with movements added

  • A variety of birthing skills to work with the intensity of contractions that really make a difference, this includes a checklist of all the different ways to ease discomfort and pain

  • Progressive Mindfulness practices to help you stay focused, accepting and relaxed

  • 6 different relaxations and visualisations to prepare you physically and mentally for birth

  • Mp3’s of yoga breathing, birthing breath to practice during pregnancy

  • Affirmations mp3 to remind you of how powerful and strong you are!

Coming soon:

  • A full yoga based Childbirth Education Course including labour massage, acupressure and lots of well researched information to help you aim for a normal, physiological birth

  • Mums and Bubs Yoga – re-training your core, gentle yoga for you, movements, songs and baby yoga

FREE courses available too – Baby Massage, Sun Salutation for Pregnancy and more coming!

Qualification Details

  • B.Ed, MA (Health Education), Graduate Diploma of Childbirth Education (Birth International),
  • Diploma of Yoga Teacher Training (IYTA), Diploma of Dru Yoga, Diploma of Massage Therapy,
  • Certificate of Pregnancy Massage.
  • Lecturer in Pregnancy massage. HypnoBirthing practitioner
  • 20 years of experience in Pregnancy field

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