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Anne Noonan – Yoga and Wellness for Life

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Supplement Education & Body Transformation through yoga, mindfulness and nutrition. United in health and wealth.

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My name is Anne Noonan. I’m a certified Yoga and Meditation Instructor, Food and Nutrition Coach, Professional Speaker and Trainer, Workshop Coordinator and in a past life (actually only as little as 5 years ago) I worked as a Personal Stylist and Professional Makeup Artist. I’ve been trained in HR and Sales, owned my own fashion range for two years and have my diploma in Small Business Mastery. Food, nutrition, fitness and wellness for the 40+ woman is my absolute passion and now I love working to help the adrenally fatigued woman understand what’s happening to her body as she moves into middle age and how to deal with it and in many cases totally turn it around to feel amazing and younger than she’s felt in years.

It’s a time that can be so loaded with wonderful potential and a time where a woman can really come into her own, look better, younger and be more fabulous than she’s ever known. But it’s the time of life that’s also fraught with hormonal issues like weight gain, anxiety, hot flushes and many other symptoms associated with midlife that can range from mild and unnoticeable to absolutely dangerously depressive. I know – I’ve been through the worst of it.

I was surgically launched into menopause about 8 years ago and the symptoms seemed to be turned up on full heat at all times. Doctors told me to live with it, my gyno didn’t have time to work through it with me, naturopaths offered various remedies so I undertook my own intense study. I even succumbed to HRT I was that ill, but that didn’t last long. I knew I had to do it the holistic way. I received my nutrition certification and sponged up every book I could find written by all the experts about the various ways to holistically deal with the emotional and physical symptoms of midlife and ageing. But one thing I discovered – those authors, as respected and wonderful as they are, didn’t personally experience the symptoms I experienced. They didn’t live through the night sweats, the foggy brain, the weightgain, the dry skin, the sore achey joints, the weepiness, the strange moods and endless endless hot flushes to the point I wanted to faint. They gave me the medical facts but I worked on my own healing – physical, spiritual and mental.

When you’re adrenally fatigued, exercise is vitally important but so easy to choose the wrong style. High intensity cardio can make the matter worse. Even your body shape will determine what kind of exercise is suited to you. I personally found one exercise that combined mindfulness, stretching, gentle resistance and cardio combined to not send me further into a state of adrenal fatigue and was healing for my joints and everything else that was hurting. That was Yoga!

I found cellular nutrition, yoga, breathing, meditation and mindfulness to be my saviour. Now I’m on a mission to share it with the world. I’ve personally dropped 10 kgs in weight, have reduced my overburdened fatty liver to a healthy state, strengthened my bones and muscles, almost totally eliminated my hot flushes, have no more anxiety, my skin as well as my blood pressure has improved and my cells sing when I get to do my yoga and meditation.

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Our professional health assessment is totally free. In a 20 minute online questionnaire it gathers information about your current lifestyle and health habits and gives recommendations on the spot as to how you can improve immediately. Contact me if you’d like to know more about this service as we can tailor a specific health plan that’s unique to you with coaching, meditation and yoga classes thrown in!


For many years I worked as a Personal Stylist and a Hair and Makeup Artist. I worked with literally hundreds of women (and men) to help them find a style and bring their best image to the forefront. This service helped many with finding that job, partner or new lifestyle. When we redesign your body, we can redesign your signature style. Are you hoping to rejoin the workforce and need a wardrobe? Do you need to look your best for an upcoming special wedding or function? I can help you to reset the body, redesign your style and have you looking incredible.

My Mission is to help women realise they can age brilliantly, beautifully with strong healthy hearts and limbs, great skin, hair, nails, fashion sense and have a sensualness about them right into their later years.

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