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Canberra Body Harmony School

Canberra Body Harmony School
Creating the life you want to live, through experiential learning.


We developed the Canberra Body Harmony School in order to teach people how to bring their bodies into harmony, with their thoughts and actions.

Body Harmony Workshops provide you with a deeper experience, to fast track you to creating your life the way you want to live it. Some of these skills are learned through the workshops, and even those skills learned during a session with Robyn or Paul, are designed to give you access to the wisdom that is within. You will experience and facilitate:

  • easier breath
  • movement
  • easy and supported posture
  • behaviors that support the fulfillment of your goals and intentions

Overview of School Curriculum:

  • Modules – Providing the Basis and Foundation of the Work
  • 10 Session Intention and Manifestation Protocols
  • Developmental Stages
  • Breath work and movement
  • Experiential Anatomy
  • The Viscera, the Pelvis etc
  • Breath and movement
  • Understanding Function and dysfunction and relationships between behaviour and physicality generally and specific to an individual
  • Business Management / Protocols / Ethics
  • Spiritual dimensions and possibilities

We endeavor to develop the following qualities in our practitioners, consultants and teachers:

  • The ability to address clients from whatever angle or perspective that they present, Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual
  • Ability for Practitioners and Consultants to have a successful Body Harmony Business
  • Creating a community supportive of each individual's personal growth and development.

About Robyn & Paul Barraclough

Interested in herbs since she was a child, Robyn Barraclough first started growing and cooking with herbs after coming full circle in the late 1990’s and trained as a herbalist, Homeopath, and Body Harmony practitioner.

Robyn has been practicing Body Harmony since 2000, and teaching Body Harmony since 2003.

She and her husband Paul created Canberra Body Harmony School in 2003. A mother of 5 children, Robyn enjoys gardening, movement therapies like Yoga and Pilates, reading, and spending time with friends and family.


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