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Nevine Rottinger

Epping NSW 2121

Servicing area: Epping, Australia & Global all by phone or SKYPE

Intuitive, Energy Healer & Essence Maker

Nevine Rottinger Practitioner

Hi dont have to be broken, desperate, sick or devastated to seek my council & support.

More often than not through the last 20 years or so of professional practice... people have sought me out & worked with me during the troubled & confusing times in their lives.

However, a lot of my work as a Professional intuitive & Energy Healer remains pro-active in nature; focusing on guiding & supporting individuals voluntarily undertaking spiritual & personal development work at their own pace.

I have never perceived clients as wrong, dysfunctional or needing to be fixed. Instead I try to understand what they believe needs to feel better, easier or more expanded in their life. A collaborative journey to fulfil those needs is then usually undertaken with that end in mind.

My Practitioner Toolkit, that is;
Innate abilities, areas of training & expertise includes;

Intuitive Chanel & Counsellor (aim: to help you understand & manage key life areas, individual destiny, fates & life purpose).

Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient & Clair-cognisant

Energy Healing which includes Vibrational, Chakra, Colour, Aura, Astral body & Dimensional rebalancing, reconnecting & repair

Crystal Healing & Crystal Feng-Shui,

Investigation & healing of your unique individual Soul & Archetypal Structure.

Karmic investigation & Healing, including curse removal & Karmic upgrades & reprogramming.

Past, parallel & future life investigation & healing.

Twin, parallel & soul group investigation & healing.

Investigation of your personal Goddesss, Masculine, Elemental & Stargroup Archetypal Soul Alignments to enhance understanding & integrity of these fundamental aspects of self

Aromatherapy, Flower & Vibrational essences.

Magickal Practice education & suggestions for enhanced living.

DNA & genetic energy activations (for light workers)

Spirit guide, Higher-self & Angelic-Self activation

Holographic reprogramming.

Essence & Elixirs personal blends tailored to your situation & overall life path.

The important thing to remember that you will be offered both energetic & verbal support to achieve the change or growth you are looking for. I look forward to working with you.

Ps all Intuitive counselling is offered long distance by phone, email or Skype. This makes our time together powerful & truly effective. I have successfully practiced for 26 years.

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Qualification details

Bachelor of Optometry (Honors) 1982 UNSW.
Diploma in Para-Psychology (AAP) 1996

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