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Abundant Healing Wisdom

Helena Lancaster

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Abundant Healing Wisdom has everything in aligning your chakras, all you need to do is deal with the emotional root, leave it to start on the true healing journey.

Thought Field Therapy, Sacred Geometry, Medical Intuition

What is Personal Spiritual Healing?

Personal Spiritual Healing allows the mind and body to initiate a positive shift in their lives. To connect with the emotional root, unlock them, and start to heal. 

What you can expect from your Spiritual Healing Experience 

First of all, you should trust Helena to be genuine and to always function from her heart. 

Your session should start by talking about why and what your thoughts are about this energy healing. There are always several different layers of why we need a deeper level of energy treatment.

You are required to take off your shoes and, if possible, have a pillow on the healing table. Chakra balance will begin your session. This is a good balance, purification, and energising of your body strength. We are correlated with various physical, physiological, emotional and spiritual factors and affect our well being explicitly on all levels. Helena puts her hands discreetly on the body and below these chakras and continues relating to her guides when functioning with her hands. As this is over, you can feel the energy from it and by then the chakras are washed and energised. 

Once the chakras have been aligned, Helena listens outside of these chakras and practices her wellness advice and communicates this knowledge with you while guiding healing energy to where the body really wants it. During a conversation with you on what is being gathered, Helena frequently utilises the Medical Intuition experience to help clear certain environments at an energy level. The following can be used as a reference for your session: essential oils, singing bowls, crystals, sacred geometry, and Thought Field Therapy (TFT). 

After this is over, you will be given the chance to lay in this terrifying yet relaxing position for a short time to absorb the obtained energies and listen to the exquisite music of healing for the spirit. The session ends with a short overview to help you combine your experiences and ideas - a safe way to achieve it. 

Most customers look back on how their interaction enabled them to take a different view of their situations and safety.

Book now and you will be amazed at how the loss of old energy will create space for the new.

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