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Acupuncture and Moxabustion, like Qi Gong and Yoga can regulate our Qi and help balance our emotions and enable us to better integrate with modern life.

Acu-point Acupuncture - Japanese Acupuncture

Focus areas

Headaches Sinus Bloating Diarrhoea Facial paralysis Paralysis


Translates as East Asian Medicine. Hari is the Japanese word for Acupuncture. Ironically this form of acupuncture has no penetration with the needles. The channel flow is regulated by "contact" needling which means a needle is held on the acupuncture point, which must be located very precisely by palpating the channel very lightly, and the Ki is sent through the acupuncturist to balance the yin and yang of the channels. Very nice for the needle shy person, as it does not penetrate the skin.


Moxibustion, which is the burning of a herb, mugwort, to enhance the capillary circulation of the affected area of the body. Thread moxa - using the finest quality mugwort - is used on very stubborn muscular spasms. Other types of okyu are stick moxa, moxa cones and needle head. Moxa cones are good for breaking down adhesions, and needle head moxa is good for relaxing larger areas of tension.


Bloodletting with a very fine lancet, usually on the end points of channels to deobstruct the channel, or remove heat. It can be used for disc prolapse pain, migraines, toothache, fuzzy head and stroke. When used with cupping to relieve bad muscular spasms, it is called "ranchi cupping".


Japanese paediatric acupuncture.


These are the finest quality needles and are very comfortable to receive. Insertion is very shallow. Usually treatment time is 10 minutes, followed by 10 minutes with another set of points. Very few points are used at a time. Some people, as it is the case of chronic fatigue, may only receive 5 minutes of treatment.


A combination of different styles of structural balancing developed over 50 years by Hashimoto. It is very gentle and helps to balance the channels after acupuncture to improve the results of the treatment.


This was perfected by the blind acupuncturists at a time in Japan when only blind people could practise. The imbalances in the channels are detected by the pulse, and points selected are felt by the touch. The abdomen is lightly brushed to affect a diagnosis in accordance with the pulse.


The abdomen and body are palpated, applying a little more pressure to diagnose imbalances in the channels.


Has 4 parts to a treatment and can take an hour for a treatment. People usually have a light feeling of well-being, should feel energised and ready to face the day!


The World Health Organisation has publicly announced that acupuncture is suitable for the following:

Period pains, amenorrhoea, fibroids, ovarian cysts, premenstrual tension, miscarriage, infertility, diorders associated with menopause, abnormal bleeding, hormonal disturbances, endometriosis.

For men and women.

Heartburn, morning sickness, malposition of foetus, i.e. breech; restless foetus, abnormal bleeding, toxaemia.

Childhood disorders
Asthma, diarrhoea, fever, emotional upset, hyperactivity, bed wetting.

Gastro intestinal disorders
Acute or chronic gastritis, chronic duodenal ulcer colonitis, bacillary dysentery, constipation, diarrhoea, bloating, flatulence, heartburn, weight control.

Respiratory disorders
Bronchial asthma in children and adults, influenza, common cold, chronic cough.

Musculo Skeletal
Osteoarthritis, sciatica, lumbago, weak back, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, tenosynovitis, shoulder and neck pain, back pain, sporting injuries.

Ear, nose and throat disorders
Toothaches, pain after tooth extraction, gingivitis, acute or chronic earache, acute and chronic tonsillitis, laryngitis, acute and chronic sinusitis, rhinitis, nasal catarrh.

Neurological disorders
Headaches, migraines, trigeminal neuralgia, facial paralysis, post stroke paresis neurological bladder dysfunction, bed wetting, intercostal neuralgia, Meniere's disease, dizziness.

Eye disorders
Acute conjunctivitis, near sightedness, cataracts without complications, visual disorders, red sore itchy watery eyes.

Eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, nerve rash herpes, acne, scar tissue and resultant adhesions, hair loss, dandruff.

Depression, phobias, emotional disturbances, anxiety nervousness addictions - such as smoking.

Urinary System
Cystitis, prostatitis, orchitis, urinary retention, kidney disorders.

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