Acu-point Acupuncture

Judith Thompson

83 Fletcher pde
Bardon QLD 4065

Acu-point Acupuncture - What people feel about Judith's treatments

"My problems varied from bad hips to bipolar disorder. The improvement in back and hips has been wonderful. For my bipolar my anxiety levels have dropped considerably, and I feel so much better in myself"

"The initial fear of needles transformed into ease in reality. The mental and physical paradise that resulted from your expertise is treasured"

"I’ve been having acupuncture for the past 12 months for anxiety and high blood pressure. I’m happy to state my BP has come down to 120/70, and I feel much calmer"

"My first appreciation of Judith’s healing is when she bridged a knee scar, and this made a feeling of heat in my foot go"

"With knowledge and skill, energy and panache, sex appeal and humour, Judith has adone a lot for my arthritic knees, peculiar sores, addictions, hypertension, stuffed up nose, and worst of all, loose bowels"

"Judith’s effectiveness and dedication are inspiring and I have referred my whole family and most of my friends all of whom are actively satisfied"

"After 5 years on IVF, and slowly losing faith, I discovered Judith, and now have a beautiful 2 year old, and am pregnant again after only one attempt"

"I came to Judith after I was in a car crash. Since then my headaches, stress levels and whiplash have disappeared"

"My world before was punctuated by 4 night sweats and 12 day sweats. After my first visit, my menopausal symptoms changed from night to day. I can live , breathe again"

"Judith worked wonders on my carpel tunnel ( pregnancy issue ). No one could make it settle like Judith"

"As a medical student,I was aware of all the western treatments available for my eczema. I had a sudden flare up all over my body that refused to respond to my usual barrage of western remedies. Sheer luck, fortune and fate brought me to Judith who knew instantly not to treat the symptom but to treat the cause. Literally within days there was a 90% improvement in my condition"

"I first came in when my chronic fatigue syndrome had run my body down into such an extreme state of unwellness I had just about lost all functionality. The wonderful magic that Judy works on my body energises my mind, my body and soul"

"After being told by a GP and specialist that I would need a hip replacement, the pain that I experienced for the last 3 years has disappeared, thanks to your magic touch"

"Since 1997, I’ve always had monthly visits to an osteopath, after many years of chiropractic. I thought the osteopathy was fantastic, but since my treatments with Judith, I’ve not been back to my osteopath, which to me is incredible, as I am now in such a better place, not only physically, but also emotionally"

"I first started having treatments with Judith 18 years ago. I’m currently recovering from bronchitis and pneumonia and was ill enough to be hospitalized. Judith is currently saving my life! It’s good to be able to breathe again. Her treatments are incredible and we always have lots of fun and laughs"

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