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Advanced Naturopathics

Jennifer Weekes

Blacks Beach QLD 4740

Servicing area: Blacks Beach and Sunshine Coast

Advanced Naturopathics

Advanced Naturopathics, Yandina's Natural Health Hub, encompasses Musculo-skeletal Pain Relief Therapies including Remedial Massage, Acupuncture, Biomesotherapy plus Frequency Specific Microcurrent and Bioptron Light Therapy

Advanced Naturopathics

Advanced Naturopathics natural health clinic, encompasses health and wellness treatments, pain relief therapies, massages and a range of complementary therapies in order to get you back to your best ever health.

Specialising in wellness assessments and treating the cause of of illness using herbal and homeopathic medicine. The clinic boasts a huge dispensary of quality, concentrated herbal extracts and homeopathic remedies.


Services On Offer
  • Acupuncture - Plus Traditional Chinese Herbs
  • Bio Regulatory Medicine - Pain, sports injuries, facial rejuvenation
  • Bio-impedence VLA - Body composition analysis for weight loss
  • Healing Light Therapy - Polychromatic light rays
  • Herbal Medicine - Quality herbal dispensary
  • Homeopathy - includes tissue salts and flower essences
  • Hyperton-X Kinesiology - Neuro-muscular techniques
  • Massage Therapies - deep tissue massage, lymphatic drainage
  • Microcurrent Therapy - May assist in relief of pain numbness, sports injuries and more.....
  • Naturopathy - Wellness review, preventative medicine, longevity and healthy aging

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Why Come & See Jennifer?

We need to feel good about ourselves in order to make changes in our lives, whether to overcome bad habits, improve our health and fitness or to lose weight. Loneliness, rejection, loss of loved ones, sudden changes in circumstances, disappointments etc, all impact on our emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

I give positive advice to encourage my clients to become passionate about achieving their health goals. Remember, we are never too old to improve our lives if we want to, so why not give me a call today or click on the 'Make an Enquiry' button to organise your next appointment.

About The Clinic

The clinic specialises in providing grater wellness and relieving pain, while offering a unique therapeutic experience for the treatment of:
  • Muscular aches and pains
  • Nerve compression such as carpal tunnel
  • Sciatica

A range of remedial massage, acupuncture, oriental therapies, Biomesotherapy, Frequency Specific Microcurrent and Light Therapy techniques are also used. The husband and wife team claim to offer 100% ultimate health care services to their clients, so why not come on in today for an appointment and put their skills to the test.

Opening Hours

7 days a week by appointment only
Opening hours: 9am - 5pm

Please contact us on 0428 720 414 or 0428 229 525 to arrange an appointment

About me - Jennifer Weekes

Over 18 years clinical experience in Queensland with 40 plus years medical experience in all areas of acute and general nursing care.

Jennifer Weekes ND has a Bachelor of Naturopathy (Hons) National Institute of Health Sciences (NIHS) Canberra. Diplomas of Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy and Nutrition were part of her health sciences degree studies.

In 1999 Jennifer completed an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy through the NIHS and and applied for the Neville Jones Scholarship of Excellence to complete her bachelor degree. Jennifer was successful in winning the highly coveted award in January 2000 and graduated with her degree in Health Sciences - Naturopathy, in November 2001.

Jennifer also completed studies in a range of musculoskeletal therapies through the AIAS (Australian Institute of Health Sciences) a VETEC accredited college at Stones Corner, Brisbane. She graduated with an Advanced Diploma of Acupuncture and Moxibustion plus Diplomas of Remedial and Oriental Massage and Sports Massage.

As a registered ANTA member (Australian Natural Therapists Association) Jennifer is a registered healthcare provider in all the above mentioned modalities Jennifer is also a registered Biomesotherapist and member of the AAOH (Australian Association of Homotoxicology)

I am comitted to caring for my clients health. I am also committed to honesty about services and treatments offered in my clinic. I do not pretend to have any magical solutions and make no false promises. In my health assessments I will refer my patients to their GP if necessary.

My dispensary does not include a huge range of tablets and I do not over market my patients.
I believe in genuine traditional medicine and have always achieved the best results with both liquid herbs and homeopathic remedies. I take a thorough health history and assessments and focus on nutrition and lifestyle.


"I have had extreme pain in my sacro iliac joint for the past year and one month since my baby Sarah Ruby was born. I have spent thousands of dollars on treatments ranging from chiropractic, physiotherapy, remedial massage, deep tissue masssage, spas, bowen therapy and as a last resort I had cortisone injections into the joint. Nothing worked, bowen alleviated the pain for a few days then it was back again. One Saturday I was in so much pain that I checked out natural therapies in our local pocketbooks and the only place that could squeeze me in for a treatment was Yandina Natural Health.

Upon entering I was met with such warmth and positive energy from Ron that I immediately felt comfortable. He placed me on the Micro current machine and whilst treating me explained fully what he was doing and an expected treatment time. The pain was immediately alleviated. Then I had 3 more treatments weekly with micro current and biomeseotherapy with Jennifer and each time pain was alleviated for about a week then my back would get sore again.

After the third treatment the spasm let go and it felt wonderful, for the first time in a year I was pain free. Thank you to Jennifer and Ron. I will continue to have maintenance with them to avoid my back going into spasm again."

- Glenda Roderick, 9/10/10

"Dearest Jennifer & Ron
We would love to share with you our Joy in Peter's test results. His blood reading has gone down from 41-26, highest reading was 61. And he has gained 1kg since his last weigh in from 64kg-65kg
Thankyou so much you beautiful healer and dispenser of wellness."

- Mary and Peter


I wanted to contact you to let you know that I am ecstatic with how I feel following my three visits to you during my stay on Yandina. How that Microcurrent machine does it I don't know but it has worked incredibly well. Another thing I noticed is that during my treatments, you were able to find every one of knots in my seemed almost effortlessly...and then work them out without any pain. So combined, you and the Microcurrent machine did the job.

For the first time since I can remember, I can actually stretch my IT bands without pain and they stretch much further than they did before. My left achilles that I had surgery on two years ago has also miraculously improved beyond recognition and I have a far better range of motion with it.

I went for my usual massage earlier this week and for the first time ever, they worked all of my leg muscles and I felt no pain from any was a pleasure.

Thanks again. I am looking hard to find someone close by Kansas City that has a Microcurrent machine and does Hyperton-X stretching.

I look forward to visiting you again on my next visit to the Island. All the best."

- Mike, 30/6/2010

"To Whom It May Concern

My daughter XXXXXXXX has been attending the Yandina Natural Health Clinic since March 2010 where we first saw Jennifer Weekes. She suffers from a learning disability and concentration issues among many other things. She has received treatment for same on the Microcurrent Therapy and Acugraph Digital Meridian Imaging I have found her to benefit from this treatment greatly.

I have not only noticed a vast improvement of concentration and energy levels in her at home but also a noticeable improvement at school. She has actually received a class award for greatly improved concentration. She has also come home quoting information about the Solar System which she has been learning at school, previously we would just get a answer of "nothing" if we asked what did you learn at school today.

We have received a school report card that is showing that she is improving in many ways and I believe that this is all due to the treatment that she has received so far at the clinic with Jenniffer. I have also had good feed back from her Occupational Therapist for her concentration and energy levels. As a rule my daughter by the end of a term at school would be coming home in the last 2 weeks and falling asleep on the lounge by 4pm everyday but not this term she was still going strong till the end of the term and also through the holidays so far.

She has greater awareness and is full of life and interest in what's going on around her. I feel that there is still room for much more improvement for Sidoney with continued treatment of Microcurrent Therapy and Acugraph Digital Meridian Imaging from the clinic and Jennifer Weekes."


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  • Bachelor Naturopathy
  • Advanced Diploma Acupuncture
  • Diploma Natural Therapies - Remedial and Oriental Massage
  • Diploma Nutrition
  • Dip Herbal Medicine
  • Diploma Homeopathy.
  • Registered with ANTA & AAOH
ANTA registration No 3910. Bachelor and advanced diplomas of Naturopathy with AHPRA Nursing registration. Diplomas of herbal and homeopathic medicine plus

Registered practitioner since 2001

Chinese Medicine Practitioner with General Registration AHPRA No: CMR0001732973
Advanced Diploma Acupuncture - registered clinician since 2006.

Biopuncture. Renowned therapy for body pain and complementary to massage therapies and acupuncture. Includes the use of sterile injections of steril saline at acupuncture points.
I have incredible results using biomesotherapy and include a range of therapeutic devices to achieve the best results.

Remedial and Oriental Massage Therapies
Diplomas of Oriental and Remedial massage Therapies that encompasses a huge rane of treatments for musculo skeletal pain including sports injuries. We have a huge range of treatments to best suit your pain problems whether it be tennis elbow, frozen shoulder of back pain as well as restless legs and corking due to muscle injury etc

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