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Advantage Healthcare & Physiotherapy

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Advantage Healthcare & Physiotherapy
Physiotherapy is the cornerstone of practice at Advantage Healthcare

Advantage Physiotherapy

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional physiotherapy care, with one focus – getting you better as fast as possible. In addition to that, we aim to keep you better through a variety of methods:
  • Comprehensive assessment: Physiotherapists at Advantage Healthcare will assess your problem thoroughly to identify all the issues that require attention.
  • Treatment Plan: We will give you a written treatment plan so you are clear on your diagnosis, our advice and the treatment required to successfully recover.
  • Hands on therapy: We provide hands on therapy to treat the problems we identify.
  • Education: We will teach you about your condition, your prognosis and how you can help yourself.
  • Advice: We will provide advice on work practices, sports and hobbies, exercise, supplements and anything that affects your condition and health relating to that condition.
  • Investigations: We regularly refer for X-Rays and scans where medically required.
  • Referral: If your problem is beyond Physiotherapy’s scope of practice or if you require the skills of another medical practitioner, we will refer you to one of the many trusted doctors and allied health professionals we work with regularly.

What is a Physiotherapist?
A Physiotherapist is a highly skilled, science based, medically trained health professional. Physiotherapists undertake a university qualification. Their work involves assisting people with health issues across a broad range of fields, from stroke rehabilitation to post-operative care to children to private practice. In a private practice setting, Physiotherapists deal with sports injuries, spinal complaints, work injuries and arthritis. Physiotherapists will carefully and methodically assess your injuries/complaints and set a treatment plan in place that includes hands on treatment, advice on healing, advice on work and hobbies, exercise prescription and more.

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