Mariangela Parodi

28 Pottery rd
Lenah Valley TAS 7000

Servicing area: Hobart TAS & Brisbane QLD

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Unlock your mind’s full potential to create the life you want to live.

Mindfulness & Relaxation

What is Mindfulness and Energy Healing?

Your thoughts have the power to transform your life. Through Alkymia, many people in Hobart TAS have learnt the ability to shift their negative beliefs into positive ones.

The process of restructuring your negative thoughts falls under mindfulness. This mental exercise, along with relaxation, is among the many healing techniques that are offered in the Alkymia Energie Healing™ program. Here, you will learn how to reconnect with your higher self and create inner peace.

The healing program shows you step by step how to spot the underlying causes of your negative emotions, such as fear, frustration, anxiety and depression. Its objective is to alter the structure of your subconscious mind and align it with the goals you make at a conscious level.

In the end, you will feel totally relaxed, confident and empowered to take proactive steps to achieve the life that you want.

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