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For Infants between the age of 0 - 6 months.

Baby & Beyond - Baby Massage

Infant Massage Classes

The basic Baby Massage course is run over 3 classes. Usually, 1 class per week for 3 weeks. Your can learn in a group or privately.

You will learn:
Class 1: The essentials plus leg and foot massage
Class 2: Chest, arm and stomach, including a Colic relief technique
Class 3: Face and back, plus a mini-massage for busy parents

Research studies show that regular infant massage aids digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems, promotes healing by stimulating the immune system; helps tone muscles; aids joint flexibility; builds body awareness; helps tone the lungs and heart; eases bowel movements, relieves wind and reduces the symptoms of colic.

Infant massage can also be a very relaxing and rewarding experience for Mums and Dads. It fosters bonding and can support shifts in post natal challenges.

Baby Massage Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving
WHY? Because it is a one-off investment that you will use for years to come.
HOW? Baby massage can be adapted for the growing child.
AND if your experience is like mine, one day they will turn around and ask can I give you a massage? It doesn't get sweeter than that!

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