Behold Art with Yoga Brush and Ink

175 Miller st
Melbourne VIC 3068

Servicing area: Fitzroy North, Brunswick East, Abbortsford, Northcote, Carlton, Richmond, Thornbury, Preston, East Coburg, Maribyrnong, Melbourne, Victoria

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Meditative Brush & Ink Workshops/Courses. Through brush & ink the mind in the body. In harmony with the body, develops focus, calmness and mental strength. Located at Carlton and Thornbury.

Behold Art - Wellbeing through Brush and Ink

Adult classes are suspended until at least 19 August 2020. After which Time the class size will be strictly limited. Remote learning as possible, please contact Richard on 0393871236.

Children's Classes are suspended at least until 19 August 2020. Remote learning as possible, please contact Richard on 0393871236.

The Teacher, Richard Liddicut

Richard has been teaching brush and ink since 1975. His classes & practice continue to develop and evolve.

  • since 1973, has been deeply involved in oriental ink brush painting and Japanese calligraphy through study under masters, practice and exhibition.
  • presently holds ‘Shihan Kaku’ teaching rank in Japanese calligraphy with Shodo Gaku Shu Schol, Nagoya, Japan.
  • in 1980, began teaching Ink Brush Painting at Mangala Studios.
  • is a trained secondary art teacher.


    • A Japanese Calligraphy Workshop


    • Ink Brush Painting - 1st February - 21st March 2020



Through ink, brush and yoga

Yoga teaches that what we believe to be the self is in fact the ego which stands separate from life. The True self or the Atman is the ultimate essence of the universe as well as the essential being in humans.

This workshop combines yoga and brush and ink techniques in a way that takes the student into an inner, fluid and interconnected world where the outer layers of the ego melt away to reveal our inner nature.
Pool of resources: Yoga - movement, posture, sound, relaxation, concentration and meditation practices; Brush and Ink - Ink Mixing, Japanese Ink Painting and Japanese Calligraphy techniques, Poetry and Intuitive Painting.


VENUE: 73 Grattan Street, Carlton

COST: $45 / $33 conc.

TELEPHONE: 03 9387 1236


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In this approach to Sumi e (Japanese Ink Painting) and Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy), appreciation and practise of timeless traditions, focusing on one's innate energies, balance of body and mind and improvisation are covered in a spirit of calmness and good humour.


Short courses in Japanese Ink Painting and Calligraphy

Traditional Japanese calligraphy and many techniques of sumi painting require the practitioner to follow a prescribed choreography of ink, brush, paper, posture and breath. This develops a deeper mindfulness, a refinement of perception and a focussing of one’s innate energies. This approach will be complimented with recognition of each student’s uniqueness and a chance for them to improvise with brush and ink.

VENUE:  Painting Room, 73 Grattan Street, Carlton

TUESDAY MORNING (general) 10.00am - 12.30pm
$90 / $66 conc.

TUESDAY EVENING (general) 6.30pm - 9.00pm
$120 / $88 conc.

TUESDAY EVENING (experienced) 6.30pm - 9.00pm
$90 / $66 conc.

TUESDAY EVENING (general and experienced)
$210 / $154 conc.

ALL CLASSES COMBINED (morning, general and experienced)
$300 / $220 conc.

Casual Classes: $35 / $27 conc. Discuss with Richard.

TELEPHONE: 03 9387 1236


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Richard also teaches children and teenagers ink brush painting.

VENUE: Meeting Room, Croxton Uniting Church
326 St Georges Road, Thornbury (entry via Shaftsbury Parade)

Cost: $164 for 8 classes


7 - 11 years 9.00am - 10.20am
10 - 17 years 10.30am - 11.50am

For more information please call: 03 9387 1236 or Click here

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Improvised brush and ink trio unfoldings... Beautiful workshop last night with Richard Liddicut, Beh

Behold Art with Yoga Brush and Ink