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Oct 2008

BMBS Acupuncture & Natural Therapies

Contact Name Dylan Watson
Phone (07) 5471 6232
Mobile (07) 3314 6394
Address 12 Williams St
Coolum Beach QLD 4573
Servicing Areas Coolum Beach & Chermside
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Two different styles of Acupuncture are offered at Better Mind Body Spirit - Japanese and Chinese.

BMBS Acupuncture & Natural Therapies

Welcome to Better Mind, Body, Spirit (BMBS) Acupuncture & Natural Therapies, Chermside, Brisbane and Coolum Beach, Sunshine Coast.

We combine multiple modalities of healing to maximise your recovery rate from all types of ill health

Our aim is to combine multiple modalities of healing to maximize your recovery rate from all types of ill health.

At BMBS Acupuncture & Natural Therapies Brisbane and Sunshine Coast, we implement the highest quality and most advanced Acupuncture treatment strategies available, within a professional, yet friendly and relaxing environment, to provide the most effective and hassle free recovery.

We believe in treating the underlying problems in the body that lead to the main complaint, which are usually preventing the natural healing processes as well; not just patching someone up from week to week. This allows long-term relief of the symptoms, while also safeguarding against the symptoms returning in the future.

We offer health solutions for everything from Neck and Back Pain to Immune and Fertility Problems.

All practitioners at Chermside, Brisbane and Coolum, Sunshine Coast, are highly trained in their field and undergo ongoing training seminars/workshops constantly, to further enhance their knowledge and Skills. We look forward to helping you on your recovery to full health.

Health Solutions For
  • Musculo-Skeletal Pain
  • Fatigue and Adrenal Exhaustion
  • Detoxification and Digestion Issues
  • Ears, Eyes, Nose and Throat
  • Stress, Anxiety and Insomnia
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Fertility, IVF and Pregnancy
  • Immune System Restoration
  • Skin Disorders
  • Womens Health

Our Services

At BMBS Acupuncture we use a very gentle Japanese Style of Acupuncture. To be able to offer this service our practitioners have undergone a further 3 years of intensive training after a 4 year degree in Chinese Medicine. Ongoing training is constantly undertaken on a monthly basis to refine our skills

Cosmetic Acupuncture
Dylan is pleased to be able to offer this unique and specialized service to patients. Along with very few Acupuncture practitioners in Australia, Dylan was lucky enough to undergo intensive training with Facial Acupuncture field leader, Mary Elizabeth Wakefield from the USA. Mary Elizabeth is widely known throughout the US for her facial acupuncture treatments; to the extent of being asked to provide facial acupuncture treatments at the Academy Awards in Los Angeles

Acupuncture for Fertility
Our practitioners have undergone specialist training in Fertility Management for both Male and Females. If Natural Conception hasnít occurred and/or IVF has been unsuccessful on previous attempts, Acupuncture is are great for preparing the body in both Males and Females.

Moxibustion involves burning the processed and dried herb Mugwort either on the Skin directly, above the skin or on top of a needle inserted into an acupuncture point. This process is completely safe when used by a properly trained professional. Moxibustion done on the skin directly doesnít hurt or burn, it just creates a gentle warmth at the site of treatment.

Acupuncture For Kids
Children tend to respond exceptionally well to Acupuncture and Moxibustion treatment. Major illness and tendencies towards family diseases can usually be avoided during the main growing years of 3 through to 15 years of age. This is because throughout this time, the energy in the body of the child is at its most vulnerable and influential Ė meaning we can basically reprogram the way the body responds to any illnesses or familial diseases.

Dietary Nutrition, Exercise and Lifestyle
At BMBS Acupuncture and Natural Therapies we have a variety of Dietary, Nutrition and Lifestyle advice plans specific to your condition. These plans are tailor made to you depending on your condition viewed from both Western and East Asian treatment options.

Biomesotherary is a relatively new therapy to Australia. Originally developed in Germany, Biomesotherapy involves the injection of Sterile Saline Solution just under the skin, followed by the oral application of Homeopathic solution which is sprayed under the tongue.

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