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Be Painfree - Straighten to Strengthen Align Your Body, Mind & Spirit


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At Body In Align we use The Egoscue Method to bring your body and mind back into alignment.  Although Primarily designed to eliminate chronic pain, it also helps: 

– Dissipate pain associated with repetitive use of certain muscles/muscle groups
– Sports and workplace injuries
– Optimize peak performance
– Augment health and well being
– Find an alternative to surgery and drugs
– You enjoy a vibrant, active life without limitation or fear

Take your first step now towards a new and improved life. Trust the process and have an open mind.

We offer a complimentary postural anaylsis and create a personalised series of exercises that will put your body back in balance. This enables you to take the best version of yourself wherever you go.



Posture Evaluation

$0 Per hour

Obligation free Postural analysis and evaluation with solution to correct your posture and be PAIN FREE and Functional


  • Postural Alignment Specialist
  • Empowerment Coach
  • Nlp & Hypnosis
  • Posture Therapy

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