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A space clearing cleanses and purifies any areas of heavy or dense energy that have accumulated in your home or office. These dense energies impact on our physical body, thoughts and emotions which can result in fatigue, irritability and stuck creativity.  

Denise Crutchfield - Space Clearing

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What is Space Clearing?

Have you ever walked into a room following an argument and felt you could cut the air with a knife as you can feel the tension in the air? These negative energies following an argument remain in the room and become dense energy. These energies don’t disappear but continue to accumulate in the area. A space clearing will remove these negative energies, creating a more harmonious living space.

Have you ever walked into a room and felt an uncomfortable presence? A space clearing session will clear out any of these unwelcome energies and welcome in new and lighter energies.

Benefits of a space clearing

After a space clearing the area will feel lighter and refreshed resulting in a more positive and harmonious living space. The raised vibration results in increased levels of energy, a natural state of wellbeing and increased clarity.

When is a good time to conduct a space clearing?

When the energy is feeling heavy in your home it is an ideal time to conduct a space clearing. Why not consider an annual space clearing when you conduct your spring cleaning to clear out any dense energy that has accumulated?

After any illness or a break up in a relationship, the energy in your space will become heavy and by conducting a space clearing it will automatically raise the vibration to welcome in new energy levels and relationships.

I highly recommend a thorough space clearing when you move into a new home or office, as this way you clear any accumulated energies from the previous residents and make the space your own.

It is also an opportune time to conduct a space clearing when you want to sell your home because raising the vibration in the home will make it more attractive to prospective buyers.

  • Spring clean
  • Trying to sell
  • After an illness
  • Moving in
  • After a break up
  • Blocked creativity in your home space


Each space clearing session is unique as it is tailored to your needs. I will clear your home or office of any accumulated dense and negative energy thereby revitalising the space. I will also show you techniques how you can maintain this higher vibration of energy.

As each session is unique, price is subject to the number of rooms requiring clearing and your location.

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