What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is any form of healing modality that manipulates the flow of energy in the body's meridian systems to clear blockages and allow the body to heal itself naturally. An energy imbalance may lead to a wide range of physical, mental and emotional disorders such as stress, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure and emotional distress.

Reiki, acupuncture, crystal therapy and EFT, are only a few examples of energy-based modalities that restore energy levels and facilitate profound healing. An energy healing session may include a hands-on component to it or be performed from a distance, depending on the principles and application of the modality that you're using.

Energy Healing Courses in Australia

Why Study Energy Healing?

Studying energy healing will provide you with the ability to detect the underlying causes of illness or disease. It will help you gain insight into several factors that trigger energy imbalance, ranging from nutrition and stress to negative emotions and environmental toxins. Your new knowledge will open you up to a career path which you'll find personally and professionally rewarding.

What Does It Take to Study Energy Healing or Become a Practitioner of It?

An energy healer embodies certain qualities that are missing in non-healers. They have an inclination to escape the mundane concerns of day-to-day life to commune with nature, a high level of intuition and an appreciation for the ample supply of energy that each of us was born with.

As a student taking an energy healing course, you will benefit loads from having a curious mind and lots of determination to learn everything there is to know. It will also do you good to demonstrate empathy, compassion and level-headedness as these traits will enable you to build rapport with your clients and propel you to success.

Course and Study Options for Energy Healing

There is not a single course that will hone your skills as an energy healer as there are tons available. You can learn to harness the power of your life force by studying breathwork, Reiki, kinesiology, Pranic healing, Theta healing, and so many more. 

It would be best to sign up for an introductory course first to find out which modality is in tune with your heart's desires. You can attend a weekend workshop or perhaps study online if you maintain a 9-to-5 job and are busy with numerous commitments during the day.

Once you have discovered where your real interest lies, then and only then can you decide which training program to undergo and where. 

How to Choose a School or Course in Energy Healing

Where you study energy healing will depend on your goals. If you want to learn the principles of a modality, say, Reiki, for personal use, you can sign up for Reiki Level 1 and then proceed to study another modality afterwards. But, if you're looking to become a certified practitioner, it pays to invest in an institution that is capable of providing you with the basic training as well as an advanced qualification in your preferred modality.

Besides choosing a field of study that aligns with your interests and goals, see to it that the school you enrol in offers accredited courses. That way, you can walk away with confidence knowing that you're armed with a qualification that is recognised by the industry's peak organisations. 

To assist you with your journey, we have provided an extensive list of energy healing course providers at the top of this page. Feel free to check them out and compare one against the other to ensure that you land a good deal.