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Divine Balance

A truly inspirational form of healing that will leave you feeling enlightened and rejuvenated.

Energy balancing

Shelley and Jason’s energy balancing sessions provide their clients with the opportunity to completely relax, in a non-invasive fully clothed setting. These techniques are highlighted by their one of a kind energetic imprint, sourced from both unconditional love and the rich healing energies of the earth.

The amazing gift of clairsentience assists Shelley and Jason to quickly tune in to their client’s requirements, to the point where they are able to feel the same pain or sensations as the client is experiencing. Clairsentience is the ability of an individual to read another individuals energy field, including their mental, physical and emotional state. Clairsentients are largely known as empaths, as they have an extremely heightened sense of empathy with other individual, earth and with animals. Particularly sensitive empaths can become affected by planetary cycles, atmospheric changes and solar activity.

Some of the modalities that Shelley and Jason are experienced in, include:

  • Reiki – is a natural form of energy healing therapy. It’s applied through non-invasive touch, and it aims to enhance energy levels to stimulate the body’s internal healing ability.

  • Polarity therapy – is a highly effective art therapy combines the balancing of the body’s core energy field with therapeutic methods focusing on exercise, diet, self-development and spiritual and psychological dimensions.

  • Crystal healing – sees the placement of crystals on and around the body. These are individual chosen by Shelley in relation to the requirements of the client and they work closely alongside one another to magnify the body’s healing response.

  • Kurradji healing – Kurradji is an Aboriginal word for traditional healers who use energetic and physical modalities with a holistic approach. They believe that the body is made up of mind, body, and spirit—these are not treated separately—they are all one. Kurradji healing methods incorporate a wide variety of techniques including massage, bush tucker, sound healing, smoking ceremonies, steaming, medicinal plants, the application of mud, barks, charcoal; and many more. We wish to pay our deepest respect to one of Australia’s most respected Kurradjis—beloved Uncle Gerry Bostock. An Elder and Spiritual Teacher of the Bundjalung Nation who sadly left his physical body in 2014. We humbly acknowledge his wisdom and teachings that he continues to share today.

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