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The true solution for painless, value for money, permanent and healthy weight loss is weight loss hypnotherapy.

Dr. Soul - Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy for weight loss is all about confronting your subconscious about the true issues behind weight loss. It is about concentrating on the subconscious hurdles and working through these to lose weight and keep it off permanently.

Through the effective power of weight loss hypnotherapy you will be able to achieve true and amazing results in losing weight….

    • to be truly confident in your appearance after weight loss

    • be able to play and interact with your children, family and partner

    • eat healthy without reverting to binging

    • feel fit and healthy

Weight loss hypnosis provides you with the mental skills and tools that will keep you on track with healthy habits and will allow you to develop true inner confidence in your physical appearance.

Weight is a highly subjective topic that can bring about a lot of conjecture and emotion within people. It is not for me to judge whether you are overweight or not. The majority of weight loss solutions will not address the underlying and the REAL issues that cause weight gain and retention. Weight loss hypnotherapy sees the effective use of hypnotherapy methods to focus on the subconscious mind in specific relation to body weight and appearance. Believe it or not, your subconscious may not want to lose weight or keep any loss permanently! Some reasons as to why your subconscious may be holding you back may include, your subconscious thinking that dieting and fasting is bad for you, it may see it as moving out of your comfort zone and thus a threat and that surgery only addressed outward issues that afterwards you will continue to binge eat junk food. Whatever the reason, you need your subconscious mind on your side to bring about effective weight loss.

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