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Nutritional Medicine incorporates natural medicines, lifestyle and dietary considerations, highlights the importance of the healing power of nature and good diet habits.

Nutritional & Dietetic Medicine

Servicing area

Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth

Focus areas

Headaches Pain relief Reproductive health Health goals Lifestyle Physical pain

What to expect in your session

An initial nutritional medicine consultation will take approximately 1.5hrs and will involve an extensive case history.

A consultation with one of our student Clinical Nutritionists will involve a comprehensive and holistic assessment of your health, including assessment of nutrient adequacy, food quality, dietary behaviours and lifestyle. Frequently, anthropometrics and bio impedance analysis are used. Student Clinical Nutritionists will work with you to determine attainable health goals that will optimise your health and wellbeing. Treatment recommendations will encompass dietary and lifestyle recommendations, nutritional supplements and nutraceuticals. Furthermore, our students will be able to formulate and dispense a nutritional supplement that is personalised for you. All students practice under the supervision of highly qualified and experienced practitioners that guide and review all treatment plans.

What to bring to your appointment

Previous medical tests (e.g. pathology results), a list of medication (including natural supplements) that you may be on, a diet diary for at least seven consecutive days.


Standard - $25
Concession - $20

Children under 13 years of age $15 for all treatments.
Valid student card holders are eligible for concession pricing.
Dispensed items and optional services are provided at an additional cost.

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